kerrousLeotenIt's a Heist, Hades Task
Hades Task // Koden#1710
"I told you. The first mission was just to see who could follow orders. This next one is the real thing."

With the fall of Osrona, there has been an increase in crime across the region of Esshar. The city of Theria is no exception to this. A budding organization has been operating off the radar of the Dragonlords for some time now. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of cutting off a shipment of Dun Task's anti-aging cream and invoking the wrath of a gaggle of tweens who will stop at nothing to prolong the old man's demise.

Armed with little more than cheap staves and swords made of wood, the gang moves to take down this crime syndicate and score some loot along the way.

Tone: Action-Crime-Drama, Humorous, Team Bonding
Rewards: TBD with DM
DM: Hoovyking

right when I thought I was out?

they pull me back in.
Barry Hintze will guide the party on this adventure.
"Task, you sonofawitch. I'm in." - Thane
(please send food. i'm the smelly kid on the cello, i'm starving. hades hasn't fed me in weeks)
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