GoldTha' Fallen
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Quote:In the dark of night the Vulture roams as death spreads through his home land. Even if it felt empty, even if certain people only showed up when they needed something, it was a home he enjoyed. Red sand, the smell of copper and sea water. He treks to the Forger's tent and tosses down a Sinka Flower. If it wasn't for this Clan Leader, he would be in a shanty town that'd pass in the next sandstorm. He doesn't look hurt, only dropping a flower in respect.

"Tha ball's on ya, to go der ta die. couldn't be me."

He has some other things to say, but they remain in his mind. There's no room for empathy in a bandit, but respect is paid where its due.

To Ilburgs future.
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Quote:Following the new High Lords claim, the Black Bandit went to challenge him, being slain in battle. The battle brought in faces he'd never seen there before, was that sign of the change that was coming? He knew the man would go to fight, and he didn't doubt that he would never kneel either. As the sky darkened and his last words were uttered the Vulture makes his way to his chest to grab yet another flower. If there was anything Dornar taught him while he was alive, was that if you wanted it, you'd have to give it your all to take it.

"One afta anotha, ya all hit da sands. Least ya went out doin what makes ya soul burn."

As he drops the sinka he shakes his head. He was going to run out of these eventually wasn't he?
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