JumpySave their lives
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The call for war has been answered!

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You refused my help, Alexander. You refused to hear me when your mother was captured. You refused to hear me when all you had to do was trust your siblings. Maybe you don't really need them if that's how you see them. You sent off Alice so that she wouldn't get in the way, yet you didn't learn when you had to save your brother, did you? I caught him right at the gates of the city. To be fair I'd been... waiting for him.

He fought well. He fought hard. Even though he's a Prince, he showed was he was capable of. But that'd never be enough to topple anyone from the Ilian.

Your brother fought in the war so that his people would not have to.

Surrender now, Alexander.

"Save their lives."
That's the only request your brother's made.

Oh. Maybe I should have addressed that to the church; they're the ones who call the shot now, no?

A picture of Odin ras Petrakis's wounded form displayed in Myllenoris's tower is sent all around the world alongside this message. One last letter for the world to consider before the war rages at full force. From the looks of it, the Prince is barely alive.
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smh get your own ideas man what the hell
"When ya' show up in, ilburg... Be prepared. Ya' ain't a Rhoynur... Ya' a fuck'in coward. An Ima have ta' now explain ta' ya' motha. Why she lost anotha' son. Ya should've took ta' manz route. An show up ta' war... I hope ya' do now... I really do... Cause it's 'bout time ya' realized all tha' ya' missed out on. Ilians don't run ta show any'moe... An it's ya patriarch that saw meh fit ta lead our people... An lead'em I will...

Even if ta' world turns on meh. Ima grown arse man. An I ain't gonna yield ta' fancy words an promises. Na like ya'... Wonda' how low Asta made ya bent be'fo her an her manz took turns wit'cha...

This is why I hate mage rhoynurs...."

- Baster Forger; Head of the Forgers, Partiarch to the Kalvores... Soon? Lorekeeper to Ilian Clan.

/letter sent directly/

(Sorry... At work, typing on phone.)
And, then...

[Image: stlyBhP.png]

It's only a matter of hours that he's missing - perhaps, something pushing into the following day, but the bruised and broken
Prince of Osrona returns to the gates of his city.


I cannot apologize enough for causing you pain, once again. This time - It was out of foolishness. Despite understanding what this man once did to our King, I listened to my bleeding heart and allowed my feelings for him to cloud judgement. He was once a brother to me, once a man that I could find myself speaking to for hours over the merit of love trumping all. 

But, now ... Now, I do realize that he is our enemy.

Seeing what had arisen when I was taken prior, he did this to rouse Osrona - to push them, to break us before we had anything of a chance to defend himself while he and his Queen waltz in and pick the pieces up.

He mentions the Church with venom as he is afraid the power that the new Bond that I have created will hold -- A child of Petrakis and Astor has eternally bound themselves to a child of Pelleaux. He fears the Divine Right that our children will hold - Their Prowess over the Stars, the Protection from every angle of Leonaus. 

I will not allow myself to fall into the hands of weakness as I did before, Osrona -- I cannot. 

To say that I intend to give my life for you would be just as foolish, as well --

Come, Osrona! On the edge of the Butchers Block- Here, at the Apex of the World. 

Come, stand together with me, and Live.
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