Oyster.Dirty Dealings
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Quote:The turmoil of the Esshar empire has lent itself to a surge in criminal activity. With the city of Osrona on the brink of defeat, many are moving in to try and grab glory in a single fell swoop, claiming all they could before embarking overseas or preparing for their new Teraphim market.

Two rival gangs have finally come to heads- with the murder of the brother of the head of House Mialye (not an actual noble house) by the hands of the (name pending), blood is in the water. Mariaan hears of an opportunity through her contracts and is soon wrapped in to bring everything to a bloody conclusion...

The reward being nothing so simple as a crumb of ore or a fancy reagent, but favorable terms in a rich contract that would involve enough dirty money to make the most corrupt politician's blood run cold.

Contact Information: mimloopen
Attendees: Mariaan & "Associates"
Risk: CoD
Rewards: One-time option to purchase many rare items. We're all loaded and morally lacking.
Additional Information:
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