ilioFinal Stand
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Word spreads of civil unrest and civil war in the Shimmering City after an important address.
Claims of sedition, acts of revolution, and then the reveal of the evil that lurked. Nebula Petrakis, Queen of Esshar revealed to be a witch, descendant of Amalia Eliade and daughter of Anabelle Lockwood who brought about the second coming of demons to Esshar. The skies rained blood, foreshadowing what would follow. The King of Esshar was consumed in a berserk rage and drew his blade on his own people until it stained crimson with their blood. He defeated his closest retainers sworn to him by oath until Marie Petrakis, his cousin was killed by the witch. An escape soon followed with the Mad King battling away all that chased his wife. He was felled by Paladin Elesius Soleis and now remains in the care of the Church.

The Red Queen escapes, leaving several wounded in her wake.

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Myllenoris marches upon Osrona's walls, countless soldiers that tighten around the Shimmering City like a vice. Trade is nonexistent. Evacuations have already begun, and from the northern docks of Osrona do boats start to ferry the thousands of refugees and citizens from the Essharian Empire to the now named emergency capital: Hessalia. A city prominent in the past that has grown weak but still sat under what was left of the fractured Empire's control. Princess Alice Petrakis has left to lead diplomatic relations there.

The merchant stalls and countless people leftover in Osrona are cleared out, moved from the outskirts of Messaris and Sudbury to Aerendale and closer to Petrakis Castle. The city is prepared the only way it can for the incoming siege.

The battleground will advance to the middle of the city, a wide expanse of space with the battle stopping before the Celestial Church. That is where Osrona will draw its final line. The nearby buildings and homes act as a backdrop, enforced with magical runes and protection spells before artificers hastily leave. The city is like a grave town now with countless people worried and frightened who flee for their lives. Those that remain are a small number of people who hold out faith no matter the odds. Believing the Petrakis line to still be true despite all that has happened.

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The defensive forces that greet the encroaching army are nothing more than the most dutiful and righteous. Merchants, cadets, teenagers are all spared from the gruesome battle that would fall. All that remains are people of high faith and of unwavering oaths that they hold until death. It is clear however that they are outnumbered. Ten to one compared to the combined armies that Myllenoris commands. The prominent names of heroic souls taking a final stand spreads throughout the Shimmering City. Keepers, Knights, Retainers, the faces of Osrona in all wars past, called upon in this time of need.

A Final Stand for their Shimmering City, Osrona.

The fallen from graces King stands among them.
For even if he was alone, King Alexander Petrakis would defend his family's city.
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