DoohlThe Desecration of the Vale (1740-1741 AC)

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The Desecration of the Vale

At the end of the year 1740 AC, a human Greycloak of the name Barthalamew Otho, colloquially referred to as the Storm of Myllenoris, toyed with forces beyond his control in an attempt to obtain ultimate power. It is said he botched some ritual involving a piece of Chiron and devastated the most sacred ground of the Vale in an explosion of untold power. The site of his failed ritual was the same where the witches of Moonfall Valley once performed their most vile sacraments and sabbaths in the name of their Dark Lord. It is there where the Overseer of Vanaheim, Aschea, came to the Vale to drive the coven out. Where the first of the Teraphim were created with Her dying breath.

Through stroke of luck, or perhaps testament of the man's incredible strength, Barthalamew survived. The explosion alerted all of Myllenoris. Hundreds of Teraphim rushed into the Vale to investigate the disturbance in the spiritual world. With no hesitation, High Lady Asta Hargrave sentenced the man to death for his reckless desecration of the Vale. Mistseer Elred Yindove carried out the sentence. The Greycloak was permitted one final battle. He died on his feet; a warrior's death.

Now, months later, roughly half of the hallowed mountain has been destroyed, leaving a circular crater of rubble. The great tree that was said to be the biggest, oldest, wisest of all in the Vale, vaporized in the explosion. At ground zero of the devastation, large boulders and segments of the earth float in the air with strange latent energy. The spirits that once inhabited the hallowed mountain are angered. Disturbed. The Chiron explosion has turned many of them feral with rage. Others are warped and confused. A good portion are just missing, perhaps fled back to the spirit world. 

This disturbance can be felt by all Teraphim of Myllenoris. The Vale has been desecrated. Permanently scarred. Every Teraphim that calls the Vale their home feels anguish, anger, weakness, all manners of fell emotion. Many will "mourn" for the remainder of the year. The sanctity of their home has been damaged. The best they can do now, is attempt to undo as much of the damage as possible, and heal the Vale and the disturbed spirits that dwell within.

An unusual tunnel has been found at ground zero of the explosion. Lined with glowing, yellow crystals and emanating otherworldly sounds, entering seems dangerous. It appears to go on for miles, twisting and turning like a maze.

A few daring Teraphim have gone in without approval. None have returned.
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