BrahmsFrostA New Cub is Born

Word and papers speards about how:

Quote:On 1741, the year he gain full emancipation as a young adult of eighteen, Caleb Arborea left his Sister's house and has gone to live to Alabastre. With his lean leonine combatant frame, the Twilight Dirge practices, studies, looks for a way to refine his music.
Quote:But he needed more information. Word is spread that the new Cub is now fully active as a member of those he swore fealty too years ago. Osrona may lose one of their shelter helpers, and instead Alabastre gains a young magi soldier. Eager to prove himself he has already been in battle to protect his kin.

He sends word that he is willing to pay well for information that lead to that which he seeks: a song that can change hearts and minds, forever...
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