Jkeiss[DM found] To cure one's heart [time limit]
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Contact: Discord; RedBellJay#5944
Urlen had  done a huge mistake. He broke Faelyn's heart- his one true love. During all of these years, he had done one giant mistake. Cetta told him to apologize to Fae- but upon arriving in Myllenoris, many were there, after some vent that had happened in the Vale itself.
Asta Hargrave gave him the task of finding a piece of CHiron until the end of the year 1743 AC, and was not allowed to even get near Myllenoris until he found one. Otherwise he will be marked for death.
His own death wasn't the problem to him, but the fact he had a limited amount of time to find something to try to cure Faelyn's heart. So immediatelly upon leaving Myllenoris he looked for some place he might find some...
Urlen's best bet to find Chiron was to travel to one of the lost islands- many magical artifacts could be found on these mysterious islands anyway. He didn't care if it was dangerous- it was for Faelyn. He asked some quick help from two of his protegees, trying to prepare an expediiton to one of the islands. Whatever could be found there? Surely many beasts that would be on his way. On their way. In some unknown magic-affected land.
He didn't have much time, so he grabbed the first rumor of a magical artifact that seemed to alude to Chiron.
He had nothing more to lose, now.
Urlen Krismenor (sadly died.)
Ora Seishin
Asteli Seishin
Whoever Ora and Asteli will invite, in honor of Urlen
Redemption, Investigation, or up to DM
High COD
A piece of Chiron, to be used to fix Faelyn's heart.
I can run this.

Invite me to a chat with the people.
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Ezekiel Morgan has been invited by Asteli to take part of this to honor Urlen's will.
Arthur will go own the both of them this much.
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A tragic end
It's with a heavy heart and two dead lovers that the Drakanites return from this quest to reclaim Urlen's honor. A failure they would surely never forget...
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