Enigmatic OutlookThe Overgrown Palace
[Image: Epic%20castle%20underground%20preview%20image.jpg]
Discord / Character:  En#7851 / Dominic
Attendees: Dominic, Ilia - Maybe one or two more? [2 - 4]
Tone: Ruins, Rigged Dungeon, Nature. Think D&D Dungeon Crawl.
DM: Searching. Feel free to ask me if you want to run it.
Risk: Chance of Injury

Synopsis: Dominic and his chosen party members come across a large chasm strewn across one of the several forests on Esshar - Roping down, the group finds themselves at the front of a large castle, mossy and overgrown with greenery. Underground and likely a terrarium of its own with endless unique creatures and fauna inside, the Rhoynish intends to explore the castle in its entirety - And fight whatever sat in its crypts and at it's grassy, mossy throne.
Rewards: A ton of Poppylus. Soothe Reed, Cylion and any other rare potion materials you want to throw our way.
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