KazukiA Sandy Reunion
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Quote:It has been awhile since Eric has seen his grandparents. One that he's really being hoping he could see again was his grandmother, Erika cos Salis. Once known Exarch of the First Light and the Lady of House Salis.

Now, it was time to make a trip! Eric had the money for it of course and a trip to go to the sandy beaches where his grandparents had retired seemed like a good plan nontheless. Not only was he going to enjoy himself. He went to seek advice and many other things from his grandmother specifically.

How would he progress?

Character Name/Contact: Eric cos Salis | Kazuki Alter#1337

Extra Attendees: His family has priority. Up to three extra. Just DM me :3

Tone: Sandy, Beachy, Watery, Salisy. Fun of course.

Risk: TBD with DM.

Specific Requests
Holy Tempest Dev
Family Dev
More TBD

DM: Milly!!#1888
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veri wahel

is eric old enough to drink?
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The Squad
Astrid will come of course!
The servant Lenora will attend.
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