MallowAre we worthy?
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Ro Wrote:Vanaheim, the ‘Silverwall City’. The realm that warriors go upon meeting their death in battle and accomplished many great deeds in their life. The land where Aschea oversaw before going to Moonfall.

We must go there to learn more about them, to understand more of the realm that Aschea came from. Also, as well, to find our true purpose in these lands and to prove that we are truly, indeed, worthy of her many gifts and truly walking the lands as her true worshipers.

Or die trying.

Character Name/Contact: Ro/Crinter#8260

Extra Attendees: Kalina Octavius, Noriko, Blyze, Elred

Tone: Spiritual Enlightenment. Nature. Storms. Finding Purpose.

Risk: TBD with DM (Likely COD).

Specific Requests
Spectral Sight Dev
Nature/Spirit Related Dev Item (Druid theme)
Storm Dev
DM: Retro#3859
This is my revenge for Siegfried
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