JessThe Frozen Wyrm
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Character Name/Contact Info:

Event Synopsis: The Drakanite aims to climb the frozen peaks above, all to follow whispers carried to her through the snow and ice. To seek out a Wyrm that had only recent left a deep slumber deep below the mountain, disturbed by the world above. Seeking those words that call to the deepest parts of herself, and tug upon the Dragon within. Whether alone or with allies, she will follow the trail until it's end.

Objective: Find the Wyrm.

Tone: Epic Fantasy, Spiritual, Rite of Passage

Extra Attendees: 2-3 Others.

Rewards: Will discuss specifics with DM (involves Khione's Drakanite blessing), materials for attendees if possible?
Risk: TBD

Dm: Chance
Cetta joins the climb.
Arthur will attend if you would have him.
Yes dragons

I can run this sometime next week if you don't find a DM!

Make a chat & invite me
Event complete! 
The squad of Therians meet red priests at the foot of the mountain, only to learn of a recent attack that occurred. The wyrm of the mountain, Fathiry, has been angered by supposed dragon hunters, and her wrath has unleashed chaos- Monsters have went frantic and scattered in fear from the roaring titan, causing mayhem in the region. Making their way to appease the wyrm and deal with the hunters, they encounter a number of pesky critters on their way up the mountain but dispatch of them.

When they navigate the caves, they learn that the attackers were an organized group of Barsburg soldiers. Black and gold, accompanied by an assault golem. Only ten of their original one hundred remained, and they couldn't leave because the wyrm kept encircling the mountain. All but the captain were killed in the battle, to be used as a tribute to the dragon.

Discussions with the captain reveal that the Barsburg warriors actually slayed a dragon, however. And that there was two, and the final one is enraged because of that. When they encounter the elder in the dragon den, the enraged elder devoured the elder whole and a battle ensued. The dragon tells them that Faithiry was his daughter, and he is their father. They survive for five minutes, and the dragon spares them, giving the group the egg of his daughter to raise as guardian. 

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