~Aoria-sama~Vengeance is Bliss
"Vengeance is my heart, death is my hand-"
[Image: syKhSXV.jpg]
"Blood and revenge are hammering in my head."

Summary:  Danica was born with a birth defect on the side of her head. Two purple slits, that burn when she uses a powerful amount of magic. When she was born her parents were repulsed by this- and thus sold her to a greedy family in Sudbury.  Knowingly she was sold to a family who intended to make her a slave.  Some of her earliest memories are of learning to cook eggs, and clean toilets. Being the defiant person she is by nature, she got punished a lot. Those punishments only became more severe as she got older. Anything you might be able to think of- happened to Danica.
At the age of fifteen she broke free- fleeing from Osrona entirely and into Myllenoris.  A year passes before Danica finds the strength to return to the city, hoping to murder the family that abused her for fifteen years. Only to find that they aren't there. They'd left.
Upon further sleuthing, she comes about the information that they'd gone south...She decides to chase after them, To murder them in cold blood. To find out any information about who her real parents might be- and what her birth defect might mean...Is it really a birth defect? Or is it something...
Tone:  Scary, character development.
Risk: COI
Reward: World of Nightmares Dev.
DM:  BrahmsFrost
Contact:  Danica Drugovic' / ~Aoria-sama~#6707
Attendees: One or two besides me. Will be asked ICly.
Other Info: I'd like this to be a start of a journey. Lots of room for creativity and good RP.
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[Image: Ef1ZRZb.jpg]
Sorry wrong thread!
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stop using my last name thank you. and stop posting on people's event threads.
All right, as spoken I will work on DMing this.
Bump! Final Script Submitted!
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