ElshaWhat Lies Beneath
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Character name: Zion Cai

Extra attendees: A few Therian folk. I'm working on gathering them right now.

Objective: Find what keeps beckoning Zion to lurk in the depths of the caverns, and if it be for better or worse, he wishes to prove himself worthy.

Summary: For weeks Zion has been observing a cavern near the deep waters, what caught his interest is every night right as midnight strikes the water creates a giant whirlpool and through that he could feel a powerful presence near the cavern almost beckoning him to go within. A calling so strong that it breached his dreams and within it he could only see the teeth and power of something ancient. 

Tone: Suspenseful, Adventurous, Trials! 

Dm: I have one in mind.
Reward: Serpentine/Draconic like items for further enchantments and a water like pendant.
scarlett will attend
bro anyone got some hotsauce
Pass the drinks and the reeds, let's GOOO
Shit lets do it, Arthur will bring drink and fun.
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