I-0The Grand Clock
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Character Name: Grey
Attendees: Kofe (and maybe a special guest? they'll post if Yes)
Tone: Spooky. Mysterious. Tick tock. Break heads.
Reward: oh y'know
Risk: CoI, borderline CoD in case of a complete disaster or horrorshow.
DM: that rat bastard, Mouse.

Synopsis: Lost in the frozen tundra beyond civilization on Esshar lies a buried, forgotten ruin - a massive clocktower. Half a decade ago, Grey located it, lured by the ticking that echoes across the snowy wastes. Whatever was inside left them wounded, and without the ability to recall much of the details, including what precisely they'd even hoped was inside.
Now, years later, they've invited those closest to them on a mission for vengeance closure.
As mentioned, I'm DMing this.
i am the guest
i am the drink
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(05-18-2020, 11:39 PM)drea Wrote: i am the guest
(drea is the guest)
event completed. exceeded my wildest dreams, and nightmares
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