IronFistT(DM Found?)Capturing A Beast for the Ship!
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Theme: A Rag Tag Crew Seeks Out a Guardian for their Rag tag Ship & Settlement to Be!

Uri Sanctum/ Demon4626 / WePostMemesHereSir#7077

Injury Level / An Egg or random giant beast that will eventually grow into adulthood.

The Soaring Phoenix is a ship known to house the wisest minds and some of the world's bravest souls. They now enter a journey in search of a guardian, one that will protect their freedom, just as the dragon of Vartuul protected Theria... Uri, the Captain is in search of either a beast that can be tamed or an egg that will grow into something worthwhile... Anything that the crew can call their companion! This beast will not only be for the ship, but for their freedom as well, and with it, the little egg will grow if they succeed. Of course, this takes place on Los'tal! 

Adventurous / Creature Lore Discovery/ Frightening /Funny/ Serious

Uri Los' Sanctum
Esbern cos Salis
Elijah Azar
Thalis Avitus
Cayden Arborea
(Anyone Either In the Crew or an Ally of the Soaring Phoenix.)
(Max Numbers, 6)
DM - BrahmsFrost
Synopsis Approval: Subject to Change By DM for Approval
DM Notes: If you feel the need to change anything or just free'style it, I won't stop you.
Date: Please, before June...Please! 

Phase Synopsis (Can be changed to fit DM approval requirements.)
  • Phase 1: Mapping The Stars:  In order to get there, to that part of the island of which they plan to eventually settle on. Uri and his crew members of the Soaring Phoenix navigate their way through the forest where the encounters could very just as much as the mystery behind the deep green fauna & flora. (Subjective to Change Per the DM's demands.)

  • Phase 2: Chaos Upon The Ship:   After coming too close to a certain part of the island, the ship is to sail through the island's river... It's here that the chaos begins to reveal itself with a swarm of flying beast invading their ship! They are forced to lay anchor and rush towards their final destination, a place where the eggs of all various beast would be! But, what would they grab? That was the mystery... Most importantly, what would they encounter or tame at this point? (Subjective to the needs of approval.)

  • Phase 3: The Nesting Grounds of Giants!:  Finally, they were at the endgame. The only problem here is that SOMETHING will try to stop them. A mother of the egg or beast they stole? A guardian of the island itself? Perhaps even a hungry hawk who wants to eat the egg and take off without as much as a worry for the mortals... It's go home with the prize, or fight trying to protect a dream of their continued freedom! (Also, subjected to the DM's needs for script approval.)
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Everyone Steal A Horse! They Can't Stop All of Us!
Chairmen Xyth will try to attend.
Elijah wanna attend
DM Found: BrahmsFrost
Date: Please, just be before June!!! I have to go away for 2 weeks after.
Scripts: Pending Approval.
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Everyone Steal A Horse! They Can't Stop All of Us!
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