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Key: EternalLay/RaidenXKi
Ban Duration: Indefinite
Date of Ban: 5/11/2020
Reason Supplied: Constant metagame despite being warned, lying about alt accounts, suicide threats/toxic behaviour. Poor handling of RP scenarios and general bad play.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: I have not used the forums to Metagame, anyone.. all those times I went out to search or scout was either idling at a spot or because I went with another group that was made not by me... I've never seen immediately through a disguise my IC acted off of their actions and them refusing to remove a hood/mask when it's known that Occultists are roaming about harming/killing people... This can also be proved by other players that were apart of the scenes that lead to everything that was done.

I also didn't suddenly know who the killers are. I can literally prove how all those instances came into play with other players involved and what they've said and applied in RP to find out who and what was done... 

I didn't lie about the accounts but I did pass items to another character. That situation was handled by Chance before..

What players was I toxic towards... like I literally do not remember acting anyway like that towards anyone. If anything I remember so many situations where people were OOCly toxic towards me for my build and what I posted in an RP when I was in Osrona and that has happened multiple times... The mention of Suicide was never a threat to anyone or to make anyone uncomfortable and that was never said around anyone aside from my friends and people I can confide too.

I always acknowledged that I've done wrong every time Chance has approached me with it. He sat me down in Discord and had a talk with me about it and explained exactly and each point of why it seemed the way it did and had a conversation with me in depth to fix the situation and handle it accordingly. I never did that stuff before aside from now with the Alt Interaction and I am wrong for that and I apologize. I still would like to play but I have shown I can handle my self in RP. I've Rped with so many people and there was never any complaints during those times even Chance I have RPed with and he has never said anything to me about the way I RPed he even said it was okay when I asked about it due to OOC issues with how I roleplay.
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You're still banned for the reasons outlined, and your thread was locked for a reason. This ban is permanent, please do not make any further threads about it.
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