FleurSanctumFleur Sanctum Ban Appeal
Key: EternalLay/RaidenXKi

Ban Duration: No Given Date

Date of Ban: 5/11/2020

Reason Supplied: Constant metagame despite being warned, lying about alt accounts, suicide threats/toxic behaviour. Poor handling of RP scenarios and general bad play.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: There is no story... I was not given any admin warning about Metagame. The situation with alt accounts was handled by Chance..., I did not threaten anyone with Suicide... I didn't show anyone Toxic Behaviour at all.. if anything I apologized to people in game for any actions I did OOCLY?. Poor handling of RP.. I'm unsure what this means because If I was unsure how to RP something I would AHelp so I could do it right. The only real reason I could assume why I was banned today was because of something OOCly.. that has nothing to do with the game. If that was the case I sent apologies to those involved and even then I did nothing wrong aside from that. But I'll still appeal because again I would like to keep playing Eternia and that is a given since I spend so much money on it.
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This ban is due to a culmination of several different reasons, which were discussed. I'll try to outline below what the issues are.

You continue to metagame despite being banned for it, such as immediately seeing through disguises and bringing around squads of people to hunt down anyone who posts a mildly antagonistic topic on the forums. This has been observed several times, with your character just "suddenly" knowing who the killers are and where to find them. This also includes knowing you were hexed and telling others that when it's clearly stated in the hex message you should be unaware.

You were also caught passing on items from previous character, the Teraphim, to your current character. You know this is not allowed. This included several rare status items.

We received proof recently that you were using alt accounts after all to pass information between your characters, so you were also lying for your last ban appeal and continue to lie about it. These are the two keys: https://i.imgur.com/DqXCybb.png

We also received several logs of you being toxic towards other players with constant, uncomfortable mentions of suicide. We would rather you avoid playing if your mental state is that poor and it has a negative influence.

Your behavior in general is an issue, and you don't seem to really acknowledge that you've done anything wrong. You continue to act out and break rules despite having been banned and warned before about metagame and alt interaction. This ban is indefinite.
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