martaitaiBan appeal
Key: martaitai and feitan

Ban Duration: Indefinitely and it's been over a year and I still can't log in. 

Date of Ban: i don't remember the date or month but it was in the summer

Reason Supplied: because of (lack of rp)

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: i was playing the my friend who told me to join and it was fun the community is nice but then when i was interacting with the people in the server i don't know why i think he thought i was annoying people but a got banned. so i asked my friend what i should do and he told me to go to the discord and ask to get unbanned (witch i was mad at the fact i got banned for lack of rp)so i went ask they asked me to show proof i did that then said some stuff i don't remember but then a got really mad and then started to ramble on about why i should get unbanned but the i got banned from the discord. Chance#5872 banned me and blocked me after i tried to talk to him. so im asking please can i get unbanned 
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