IronFistTExploration Crew - The Soaring Phoenix Guild
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Adventurers Guild, The Soaring Phoenix

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The Official Badge And Symbol of the crew, made by Vice Wing Esbern'o!
Entry Test:
1. Survivalist Navigation Test (Difficulty Depends.) 
2. Negotiation Test (Difficulty Depends.)
3. Potential Strength Test (Mild Difficulty)
4. Loyalty Test (Difficulty Depends.) (Save RPP, only spar-train in your base form for 1-2 years.)
5. Specialty Test (High Difficulty as it takes dedication to not learn secondary magic upon impulse.)
All Recruits are encouraged to specialize in only 1 magic for a period of 2 years before moving onto a secondary branch, this is to polish one's ability in order to truly see their potential grow and discover what will be best for them before their journey could carry on. (Basically, Save for and buy a Hidden or Perfecting Your Skill Bar is how you pass the final test.) (Newbie friendly steps, basically do not feel discouraged or left behind, take your time and see what build is truly fit for you IC/OOC.)

Code of the Soaring Phoenix

We face pirates and take names off the monster bounty list.

Fully neutral, we show no bias towards any of our members who manage to pass the trials and join the crew.

Most importantly, we value the talents each member has to offer, be it weak or strong. We care not for brute strength alone, but the wisdom that comes with it. 
Because there are many artifacts hidden within the world. It'll take more than muscle alone to obtain them, and bring wealth to the motherland of Osilot.

We journey upon both land and sea, be it by ship, or by horses, there is always a mystery to find within the world of Esshar.

Members of the Guild are allowed to apply for events on their own and drag any members of the crew along. Our mission is to enrich Osilot and bring it as much knowledge as we can collect. The risk may involve fighting pirates of the sea, to facing off against creatures you've never seen before! Though, of course, without the approval of the gods, we won't be heading anywhere now, will we?  

It's important to note, that we ourselves are not pirates nor are we knights. We're free men and women with the heart and spirit to explore. I don't care if you've come out of the pits of hell so long as you are loyal to your crew-mates and the cause for each exploration (Event). 

We do not involve ourselves in ANY of the political matters, not unless the guild leader permits!

In order to join, you must find or be recruited by the person below.

Current Leader

Uri Sanctum
Quote:Everyone I recruit is different and unique... Useful in their own way, but my trials, they vary from person to person. We need your stregnth, your wisdom, your ability to negotiate and find your way through disaster. Such is the daily life of those who explore after all.
-Captain Uri Sanctum 1736 AC
[Image: 42lktd.jpg]

The Ranks are as followed, as many expertise may vary:

Rank 1, The Phoenix: Also can be referred to as the Captain
Rank 2, The Vice Wing: 2 trusted individuals who can lead in the captain's absence. Typically, those investors of the crew as well. People who may fund and supply the guild, such as the Brienne noble family, the Will'O'Wisps lead by Elizabeth and the Artisan's guild lead by Esbern'o.
Rank 3, The Veteran:  A polished explorer, capable of enforcing the Code and kicking anyone off the ship or off their horse for misconduct.
Rank 4, The Specialist:  Someone proficient in their task I.E translating any puzzles or setting traps.
Rank 5, The Path Seeker: Typically those who are either new or anyone tagging along for the journey. They will be exposed to just as much as the other ranks, sometimes tasked to think out of the box in order to create a solution for the crew if problems arise.
Quote:The Legend of Los'tal island

Surely you have heard the rumors... After all, finding and conquering the island was the primary goal to those pirates, the members of the Soaring Phoenix a crew forged in the year of 1734AC. An island rumored to be a treasure trove for all who seek it, bearing arcanium, relics, and many other artifacts deep within its soil. It is a tradition, for a pirate or a noble explorer to conquer one part of it in order to become known as formidable. But to conquer the entire island itself? That pirate would be deemed as a lord of the sea's or better, the free'st of the free, with wisdom and power gained from the island of Lost Tales.  The biggest challenge, is tracing down an island rumored to never be found in the same place twice, though that, could very well be the magic of the island at work, an illusion or some other worldly force that would leads hundreds elsewhere.

It's name originates from the many tragic and heroic stories of the sea. This very island is where most items lost in the ocean of time would turn up. Buried either within the sands or hidden away within the many dungeon like areas such as the mountains, tunnels, and so forth. There have been many who tried to conquer it, both pirates and nobles, but very few can say that they've returned with anything. Some even making false claims to have conquered the island, but none of those people ever bearing the crown, the title given to them as Los'. But, be warned, this island is no walk in the park, as the first crew to conquer it in succession known as the Soaring Phoenix Pirates have ran into countless traps and waves upon waves of monsters and bandits already trying to claim it. And in order to truly conquer the island, to truly become the lord of the sea bearing the crown name of Los... One must find the islands greatest treasures or at least one of them as proof to lordship, so that the era of that particular pirate shall begin such as the era of the Wandering Phoenix

"You want it don't you? All of that treasure buried deep within? Well go and find it! Every piece of gold, every hidden human wisdom as well as my title, I left it all on the island of Lost Tales! So go forth, try and take my name of Los', because anyone truly worthy will be recognized as the free'st of the free, and a lord of the open sea. Because what you find within the island between it's many riddles are pieces of knowledge that can shape the world as we know it! 

There are no heir's, only those brave enough to take my crown name and start an era of their own!

Call it a hoax if you wish, make up your excuses not to travel for a true title! My words hold nothing but the truth, my solemn promise to you as the Wandering Phoenix, Captain Uri Los' Sanctum."

  • To Create Fun RP and generate coin for players and Osilot's bank.

  • To find artifacts that will aid players in obtaining Unique items to better express their character.

  • To contribute to the plot in more ways than one.

  • To help out any new players in the community.
  • Make the Dungeon Master's Job Easier by having a single group app for an event rather than 10 people and 10 events.

  • To RP something worth slapping onto the game Lore.
  • Freedom above all else.

For More Information, contact me on Discord: WePostMemesHereSir#7077

Also, A Map!
[Image: E3_new.png]
[Image: 4d082f08ab5469bb88b36739a3025a92.png] [Image: 9d2621a7e25eb7454f3e987fd7d940b6.png]
Everyone Steal A Horse! They Can't Stop All of Us!
Want to take a look on how we operate? Well, say no more! The Guilds Glory Gallary is here! Featuring some pictures taken place on the island of Los'tal whilst others... In War and somewhere on the land of Esshar! So, Enjoy!
Other Guild Members Are Welcomed to Share their Adventurous Screenshots in the Replies.

[Image: 58947a7afcaf967ffd1218b9e22863c7.png?wid...height=427]

The Giant Rat! Listed by the Hunters Society! 
[Image: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpbWciOiJfMjA3MTJ...-g-png.jpg]
The Wraith of Barsburg! 

[Image: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpbWciOiJfNGRhZWJ...2w-png.jpg]
Theria's Dragon! Vartuul The Great!

[Image: 3f71510e285a635bf1d7fd12c032adfd.png?wid...height=427]
A Lost'Tale Journey!

[Image: c90722934ad2543acc3e627ae50e62ce.png?wid...height=427]
Beyond a stampede!

[Image: 24726fd8c17047de272a2bc3a920f4e9.png]

[Image: 28f7e5d2668ce8f8942a52613c08e126.png]

[Image: 3284fe3093ebf02b418b7810737864bc.png?wid...height=427]
More Lost Tales of Los'tal!
[Image: 2a024db81ab4805a102c328945eee1bf.png]
Credits to the Madame!
[Image: 45b525917a565e43150defbfc13720e0.png]
(Have fun and post your involvement here in the Gallary, if you are a member of the crew... Volunteered Artwork is welcomed!)

[Image: 4d082f08ab5469bb88b36739a3025a92.png] [Image: 9d2621a7e25eb7454f3e987fd7d940b6.png]
Everyone Steal A Horse! They Can't Stop All of Us!
(Looks fun! What GMT do you guys usually play on?)
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