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Alright, so a few people have mentioned that the weapon given to the winner of the tournament was out of poor taste, especially regarding the balance of the game.

The reason why the weapon/armor as a reward is not necessarily the best reward for the game:
a. The weapon/armor only benefits 1 person at a time.
b. The weapon/armor only benefits a person who is already proven to be a top tier level verber.
c. The weapon/armor makes the person a prime target for death/attacks, which may not be what that person wanted. (Who knows?)

I would like to propose a few possible alternative rewards than the holy McGuffin weapon:

1. Resource Nodes
Win a tournament, win a mine! Resource Nodes have a capacity to entire players to win, and is usually useless to the person itself winning the node. This would allow for a faction and its allies as a whole to benefit from a tournament, and increase the capacity of crafters in the winning faction.

2. NPC/Mob Changes
Who doesn't want to see a world praise them? NPC/Mob Changes can be a great way to spark roleplay incentives to win tournaments, as the people will literally cheer for the person who won! This is certainly an ego boost, and it allows for people to mention it for ages to come. Mob changes may be implemented by adding mobs to an area (to increase the danger level) or taking mobs out of an area (to decrease the danger level). As mobs typically have drops, the change will be up to the staff, very likely.

3. Hall of Fame/Wiki Changes
The best way to cement a person into history is to literally write them into it. That way, even when newcomers see the game, they can see that a person of that faction is a good verber, and may make informed decisions about the state of that faction in their choice of nation. It would also be more significant bragging rights than NPC/Mob Changes, as the game may reset every so often, but websites seldom change (with permission).

4. Cursed Weapon
Who said a good weapon had to be good for the mind? Perhaps adding a detrimental effect IC would allow people to RP interesting ways to combat people in the future. Perhaps if the weapon made people insane, or changes the color of text for the person equipping it, or even changing the hue of the game would be interesting ways for a good weapon to provide some nasty feedback!

5. Magic Arts
Wouldn't it be great to have a spell in your name? Well, perhaps that could be done, where a spell already made gets a cool cosmetic flare to it! Fire could be green, water could be green, earth could be green. Green like... Shrek?

I hope at least one of these five ways could be beneficial to the game. At least say you're going to downvote before you do, that way you don't get in trouble for not using words.

Edit: Please tell me why my ideas are bad, thanks.
Not going to respond to any of this except to +1 the 3. Hall of Fame/Wiki Changes idea. Hell yeah, let people go down in history for such things! Specifically, anything that adds player-based/driven history to the wiki is something I wholeheartedly support. Edit: I mean this in general, not as a replacement for what currently is the case.
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Honestly at this point you and whomever you are talking to are looking to create problems.

Are things actually so good right now we need to create problems?

Maybe we should enjoy it while it's good and not create problems.
normally i dont respond to these topics but i feel like this thread is much too serious.

this was just a small, fun gladiatorial event in a world with knights and mages. its a week 1 event and the weapon in mention is a mythril blade, just with ultra-rarity that an artificer can roll. its very realistic for a player to make such a weapon.

i dont think this event will happen every year, with tensions rising and etc. ur suggestions are good though, just they dont fit the narrative for this event. and definitely should be used in the future if something else more fitting arrives, but for this, it was fine. it was a good event anyway, and nothing went wrong.
I support ideas like this. Grand torny while fun was just rehashed from e1. Nothing wrong with it, but those who think that weapon doesn't make a difference. Must not remember how the gods of valamsia were when wielding. Almace. The former champ sword. Either way. I'd like see more creative rewards in the future. I don't see whats wrong with quake suggesting a non combative reward. In a game people cry the most about, being pvp heavy.

Sure it went well, but hindsight dictates that there is a smooth start ahead, but we're not walking down a road that's any different from before.
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