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Monsters are a unique type of experience where the key difference between them and standard characters is that they're solely an obstacle in the world, and while active, should provide a dynamic threat to the region they dwell within! You should be on the front lines, actively searching for challenges in pursuit of fulfilling your character's objectives, whatever they might be.

You can form allegiances, but the vast majority of your active RP should be outside of the kingdoms, in the wilderness. You should not really be accompanied by player characters, either. 
  • They have a limited shelf life. Most monsters will expire after 2 weeks, unless an exception is made. 
  • It's possible for them to grant tangible boons/rewards to those they encounter (or 'loot', you could say).
  • You should remain in a specific region and establish a presence there, based on your theme.
  • Generally fairly strong, but varies depending on the type of monster.
  • Feel free to make use of the IC sub-forum to publicize your character's exploits.
  • Must ask for consent/approval in LOOC if attempting to kill a character. If told no, alternatives are easy: blast them away with magic, throw them into the ocean, leave them bloodied/left for dead, etc. 
  • You can gain RPP and grow stronger, but your focus should being a part of the plot of others rather than your own.
  • Monsters are immune to temporary injuries. If you're inflicted with one, a-help to have it healed.
  • We will not be accepting: Dragons, Ascended Demons, Vampires, or Primordials.
These are just suggestions! You can go for a custom class in your application.
  • Human: Perhaps you're a mercenary hired to fight on the front lines against their foe, a bandit out to become rich and famous, or simply a rogue magi. You might be accompanied by a small, supporting force (summon spell)! If someone encounters you, the situation could be while in the midst of attacking a small village, while raiding passing by carriages, etc.
  • Spawn: Demonkind come in all shapes in size. The Spawn are often more beast than man, never having left their demon form as a truly carnal creature.
  • Vengeful Spirits: Spirits from the netherworld, corrupt and ghoulish in form, these dark spirits tend to haunt areas with high amounts of negative energy. They might sustain their presence in the world by feeding off of humans directly, or forming nefarious pacts to convince others to commit acts of debauchery on their behalf.
  • Other?? Swamp-dwelling Crellus, Stinnox, the Elementals... If you can think of it, we can make it exist.

Use the roles sub-forum to apply for a monster.

Contact Information: (Discord)

Character Name: 


Class: Include a description of their class if they're custom.

History: Write out your backstory. This is where you sell them!

Location: The location they'll generally be found in.

Build: Which Magic?

Loot (optional): Any specific requests for loot drops, and a detailed description: try to avoid upgraded weapons/gear.

Additional Requests (optional):

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