Construction & Conquest
(05-14-2022, 05:30 AM)Sanguine415 Wrote:
(03-27-2022, 10:25 PM)MelonBallZ Wrote: Name of Establishment: The Stygian Pillar

Building Purpose

Quote:The first two levels of this tower appear to be nothing more than a defensive structure with barracks, arsenal, and general armament and ration storage. Promethia's leadership and close associates have been observed entering to visit the top floors, where even militant access is prohibited.

✧ This will serve as a base of operations for Oznan and his closest companions to house their secret projects and store their treasures. 

✧ Requesting a 'Guard' warper similar to what the Waystone has that allows guild members access to the 'upper floors'.

✧ Decoration to have the entry reflect the facade of barracks/armoury.

✧ Free rooms for workshop and a couple of apartments/rooms.
Area Description
The four curling pillars at the top of this black tower reach out to the sky like a hand, attempting to grasp the skies. The residents of Promethia stay well away from the structure, and the soldiers stationed to defend it are reticent and morose, as though absorbed by its mysterious presence. An inlay of stained glass in the contour of The Silver Sun insignia is on each of its four surfaces, aligned with the cardinal directions. They come alive with a sickly glow for a solitary minute every night at midnight, temporarily casting the streets below in a bizarre and otherworldly light.

[Image: unknown.png]
Characters Involved: Publicly it is Oznan, Majin, Godfrey, and The Tyrant at the helm of its creation, but there are many benefactors and contributions from others who I can name in private.
Map Progress / Plans: I will be recruiting Ratqueen for the construction of this.
Since this got approved, and it's very thematic with the second defense victory, I'd like to put this back up as a redesign of Promethea with actual walls alongside the spire, maybe dark black stone. I'll make Miss Person map it probably. Or RatQueen. I now have the 100k.
I have connived Miss Person into trying to take a swing at mapping this, and note while they are allies as spawn of Nanzo, only the council of Promethea and its Major-Domo have any authority there.
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