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Let it be a memorial garden near Osrona
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There were several discussions in Osrona's Discord, people agreed that commemoration of fallen heroes is important.
Name of establishment: Osronian memorial
Purpose of area: A memorial dedicated to the fallen heroes and common people who lived in Osrona or were loyal to Osrona. Also it may serve as burial grounds. Place where Osronian citizens can bring bodies of their fallen mates to pay respects. Potentially it may be a hub for spiritual and religious dev. 
Description of area: A serene garden near Osrona. A sign at the entrance calls to honor the memory of people whose names are listed on the stone slabs.
Location of area: Empty square near bridge, by road to Osrona. As decided in this thread:

Characters involved: Osronian dwellers and allies. Jack Kelsey; Romani Montclaire, Misha, Dax, Free - and others.

Map progress/Plans: I don't have map files for it, but I suppose that it won't take long for mapper to set it up. Please, place a large winged statue there, stone slabs (I think, there were some) and other appropriate terrain objects. If you feel like, you can add an underground crypt with large hall. Bonus points - if it connects to Osronian sewers. It's up to mapper. I have not contacted them.

You know how to find me to get coins
Faction sigils are important and help to give a place identity. If you'd like to come up with your own design or have someone helping you do so, you can download the banner file here for reference:

Or if you're fairly established and active already you might be given permission for one of the unused designs, from 1 to 13:

[Image: JrF4Oqs.png]
[Image: unknown.png?width=507&height=492]

New map had it. Thank you so much!
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Name of Establishment: (Name Pending) Academy

Building Purpose: A use for teaching students for different subjects.

Area Description: A place of learning, built by the denizens of Osrona for the teaching and the betterment of future Magi and Studies of the Magical arts. Be it Strong, Weak, or Non-Magi. There will be something that everyone can learn and understand from the Fundamentals or more Practical lessons. Founded by Xyth, he looks to teach more students about the future they can choose to make and the mistakes and history of the world with other teachers to ensure a better Esshar.

Characters Involved: The Church of Three, Xyth, Romani, and a few others.

Map Progress / Plans: I would like to make this, but the plans for this building should be a generalized use of Teaching for the school for all of Esshar to attend. The war fighting is for the adults. The Children should study and learn from the adult's mistakes. Better Students mean a Better Esshar. 

Extra: I think having a Hogwarts kind of system where there are four factions in the school based off the Coalition's own Factions: Osrona, Theria, Alabaste, and Ilburg. Though im just naming those because we cant use Demons here and its waaaaay to iffy for Nysea people. But if there is room for them then its: Osrona, Theria, Alabaste/Ilburg (because they are virtually similar *kinda*) and Nysea.

(planning it to be around here for a path)
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