chancePatch Notes

- Addition: You can now view the stats of a spell by clicking its name in the spell tree. Example

- Change: Adjusts the bonus modifiers of anvils in artificing. They are now:
  • Stone: 1% Uncommon, 1% Rare, 1% Ultra.
  • Iron: 10% Uncommon, 3% Rare, 2% Ultra. 5000c
  • Bronze: 10% Uncommon, 5% Rare, 3% Ultra. 10000c
  • Silver: 10% Uncommon, 7% Rare, 4% Ultra. 25000c
  • Gold: 15% Uncommon, 10% Rare, 5% Ultra. 50000c

- Change: The rate of RPP gain per check between 50 to 100 has been increased from 3 points to 5.

- Change: The withcraft spell, Hex, no longer displays the caster's name in the message or the injury.

Change: Replaces the 'Battle Level' artifact with RPL requirements for items.
Change: Discounts on the opener spell from races was counting towards the intermediate requirement of 50, making it harder for races with that affinity in certain circumstances. They no longer do so.
Change: Crystal Heart's visual has been changed; it floats above the caster now, rather than circling them.
Change: Telepathy exchanges now display in IC logs.
Change: The result of a roleplay battle now displays in IC logs.
Change: Rabbit's Foot drop rate increased.
Change: Sludge drop rate increased.
Change: Significantly increases Crellus's drop rates, and adds Sludge to its list.

Fix: Crystal Heart's AP bonus was not applying.
Fix: The Alchemy Desk sprite was not displaying.
Fix: Binding Chains & Crushing Iron were using the same cooldown.
Fix: The range on Essence Strike was not working correctly, limiting it to 4 tiles. It now functions at its proper range.
Fix: The region system that was used for area rituals in artificing has been remade.

- The two west beach caves that link the land mass should be easier to navigate to and from.
- Adds an arena island for events.
- Adremmelach the Corrupter's level reduced from 150 to 75.
- Lowers house prices in general, but especially in Myllenoris.
- Fixes a warper in Osrona's Church.
- Fixes a warper in Theria's cave.

Spell Changes
- Twister now grants 50% DR throughout its duration. (Air)
- Inferno damage increased from 8 to 11, range increased from 3 to 5. This does not include the additional AoE damage. (Explosion)
- Dragonic Claw's range increased from 2 to 4. (Drakanite)
- Great Fire Wave RPP cost reduced from 20 to 15. Sear's RPP cost was increased from 15 to 20. (Fire)

Addition: You can now pick up coin and add it to your inventory with SHIFT + Click. This can be stored in inventories and in chests, instead of the 'coin' stat.

Change: You're no longer prompted to post a roleplay for woodcutting.
Change: The invisible defense/resilience stats have been outright removed.
Change: You can no longer stack the <small> and <big> tags in roleplays.
Change: You can now access the Blood Magic spec via Bone or Water, rather than just Water.
Change: You can now access the Plasma Magic spec via Lightning or Fire, rather than just Fire.
Change: Trees no longer respawn immediately, since it was a little jarring and all trees repop when we reboot regardless.
Change: The /observe command now has a range of 50 tiles instead of 15.
Change: Increases the rate of RPP gain at 100 - 150 from 4 to 5, and at 150 - 180 from 1 to 2.
Change: Reduces the energy cost on Alchemist's Eyes from 100 to 30.

Fix: The spell menu wasn't closing gracefully in certain interactions.
Fix: The AoE spawned by Volcanic Barrier wasn't always dealing damage.

- Adds lots for the abandoned Church and the group residing there.
- Adds light to Osrona's Church, changes the carpets from blue to red.
- Various clean up / polish to public buildings: Theria castle, Theria's temple, Ilburg's tavern, Ilburg's fortress, and Sudbury's orphanage.
- New snow themed houses added to Theria.
- Fixes some cliffs in Theria and a house warper duplicate error.
- Purchase and maintenance costs for housing lowered across the board.
- There's now a docks in Osrona with a few boats.

Spell Changes
- Scarlet Darts cooldown increased from 4s to 7s. (Blood)
- Magma Slide's cooldown reduced from 30s to 25s. (Magma)
- Volcanic Eruption added as a public intermediate. Damage set to 2 (20 total), excluding the additional AoEs that spawn. (Magma)
- Volcanic Barrier's AoE range increased. (Magma)
- Earth Bomb's cooldown increased from 5s to 8s. (Earth)
- Shardshot's cooldown increased to 20s from 10s, damage lowered from 7.5 to 6.5. Range increased from 10 to 12. (Crystal)
- Crystals now fully form after 7s instead of 9s. (Crystal)
- The duration of green crystals speed buff now last for 2s instead of 3s, and the heal has been reduced from 10* RPL to 8*. (Crystal)
- The duration of red crystals has been increased from 4s to 5s. (Crystal)
- The range of Crystal Wall has been increased. (Crystal)
- Essence Strike's damage reduced from 10 to 8. Range set to 10 from 15. (Teraphim)
- Bolt is now the opener of Lightning, instead of Shock. (Lightning)
- Golden Bolt's movement speed has been increased. Cooldown increased from 3s to 7s. (Sand)
- Metal Lance's movement speed has been increased. (Metal)
- Lariat's stun time reduced from 1.5s to 1s. (Uarmed)
- Jab's range increased from 4 to 5. (Unarmed)
- Twister's cooldown increased from 20s to 27s. DR reduced from 50% to 30%. (Air)
- Star Rain's AoE slow duration decreased from 2s to 1s; lingers indefinitely while within the active AoE still. (Cosmic)
- Smite is now once more a Holy spell, a homing damage ability. (Holy)
- Removes Shield from Holy. Please request a refund for this ability, and a new Holy Tome. (Holy)
- Guardian now grants 20% DR and 20% healing for its 6s duration (originally 15/15). (Holy)
- The +DR that Benediction and Holy Ground grants no longer applies. (Holy)
- THe +AP that Corruption and Benediction grants no longer applies. (Occult)
What would you like to see this patch?

Addition: RPP gain is now a cooldown based system. If you do not meet the AP requirement during the 3 hour interval, you'll gain RPP once you do, rather than waiting until the next check period. The 3 hour cooldown only kicks in after you get your reward, rather than a set timer. 

Addition: If the same message repeats in a chat, it'll stack (such as whispers). Example

Addition: You can extend whisper range with /w <number> text. If you're targeting someone while whispering, only they will see it.

Addition: /quiet and /q is a 2 tile whisper. /w2 is also a 2 tile whisper, and /w3 is 3 tiles.

Addition: Adds a 'roar' sound effect to Rhoynish Battle Cry.

Addition: Adds 'Fizzy Pop' as a Tier 1 Alchemy Recipe. This can increase your energy beyond 1500, up to 2000.

Additions: Adds a number of cosmetic drakanite half-shifts. To have one of the following applied, simply a-help for it with the necessary magic.
- Wind (feathery)
- Holy
- Occult
- Magma
- Cosmic
- Lightning
- Ice
If none of these fit what magic your drakanite uses, feel free to message me with a specific request.

Change: Enhanced medical kits (which restore 75% of a permanent nerf instead of the usual 50%) now only require 3 arcanium instead of 6.
Change: The 'weight' of mythril and arcanium staves has been reduced to 0 to match their counterparts.
Change: Removes the 'finished customizing' prompt at the end of blacksmithing. 
Change: Crystal Wall's AoE radius is more reliable.

Fix: Dragonic Slash should actually have its intended range.
Fix: Mana Amnesia was keeping Lightspeed post-refund instead of Scattering Lights.
Fix: Injuries could remove potion effects.

- Adds Pet Stores.
- Adds three entrances to the Sewers, in Osrona.
- Expands Ilburg's map as per the results of the battle
- Adds Stallfall Tower.
- Changes to Ilburg's fortress.

Spell Changes
- Camouflage added, a 10RPP basic that grants 25 Power and 20 Agility. (Illusion)

- Invigorate's cooldown increased from 20s to 25s. (Cosmic)

- Water Whip and Aqua Beam now cost 5RPP, originally 10. Tidal Wave reduced from 20 to 15. (Water)
- Crimson Vapor's damage increased from 8 to 12. (Blood)
- Blood Bomb is now an option. A 10RPP homing. (Blood)

- Lava Pool's cooldown increased from 23s to 30s. (Magma)

- Earthquake's initial damage increased from 2 to 3.5. Same value as the AoE damage. (Earth)
- Earthquake's range significantly increased. (Earth)
- Metal Lance's damage lowered from 12 to 10. (Metal)
- Binding Chains damage lowered from 4 to 3. (Metal)
- Crushing Iron's stun duration lowered slightly. (Metal)
- Forest Form now grants 15 power, in addition to its 10% earth/nature pow & 20 vitality. (Nature)
- Crystal Wall's tile damage reduced from 4 to 1. The initial hit is still 13. (Crystal)

- Twister's damage lowered from 8 to 5.5. (Air)
- Melody now grants 10 Vitality / 10 Critical. +AP lowered from 13% to 10%. (Sound)
- Piercing Strike's range increased from 9 to 11. (Lightning)

- Crystal Heart's AP increased from 5% to 8%, duration reduced from 15s to 10s. (Teraphim)
- Essence Strike's damage reduced from 10 to 8. (Teraphim)

- Caltrops, Shuriken, and Throwing Knives have been significantly buffed. They're no longer GCDE, however. (Artificing)

- Dash Strike's cooldown increased from 4s to 8s. (Armed)
- Fatal Strike's cooldown increased from 13s to 20s. (Armed)
- Flying Kick's cooldown increased from 14s to 18s. (Unarmed)

- Energy Shield can no longer be purchased with Holy Shield or Dark Shield.

Addition: Twenty additional hair options have been added to the appearance menu.

Addition: There's now a section in spell descriptions for RPP spent and specific ability requirements, by clicking on the spell name.

Addition: A 'Combat Style' tree has been added, featuring a selection of new abilities (similar to the melee stances) which are accessible to any character. 'Caster' and 'Conjurer' cannot be purchased if you're invested into the Armed or Unarmed tree, however, and vice versa. These each cost 5RPP.
Caster: +10 Power 
Q Special: The GCD cooldown is halved (from 2s to 1s) for 10s, 40s CD.
Conjurer: Block is increased to be 50% DR. +10 Vitality
Q Special: A shield that has 10*RPL in HP, absorbing damage, 60s CD.
Marksman: The range of throwing knives and shurikens are doubled. +10 Agility & Power
Q Special: Triple Shot. Three projectiles (2 tile space between each), 40s CD.
Thief: On victory of a dangerous RPB, gain 20% of the opponent’s coins. +10 Agility
Q Special: Damage immunity & movement speed buff for 3s (cannot cast during), 40s CD.

Addition: An admin enabled variable called 'EC' has been added. This disables AP gain from roleplaying but increases the bonus from Dangerous checks by five times, for the monster initiative. 

Change: Stalls are limited to one per character, though this doesn't effect anyone with multiple at the moment; it just prevents new rentals.
Change: Throwing Knives & Shurikens have had their movement speed increased, in line with more modern projectiles.
Change: The energy cost of fishing has been reduced to 25 from 100.

Spell Changes
- Dash Strike's cooldown reduced from 8s to 6s. (Armed)
- Soul Drain's spell damage decreased from 10 to 7. (Occult)
- Earthquake's duration reduced from 10s to 5s, damage triggers every 1s instead of 1.5s. (Earth)
- Sandstorm's projectile damage has been reduced from 2 to 1.5. (Sand)
- Mandrakes close-ranged damage decreased significantly, projectile damage increased slightly. (Nature)
- Deadly Bloom's AoE damage damage decreased, projectile damage remains the same. (Nature)
- Deadly Bloom has been adjusted to intermediate instead of basic. (Nature)
- Skeletal Lance is the opener of Bone, instead of Reform. (Bone)
- Bone Blades RPP cost reduced from 20 to 15. (Bone)
- Distort's cooldown lowered from 30s to 22s. (Illusion)
- Shadow Walk's cooldown increased from 25s to 30s. (Shadow)
- Prism Beam's cooldown decreased from 30s to 25s. (Light)
- Bubble Blast's cooldown increased from 8s to 15s. (Water)
- Blood Bomb's cooldown increased from 13s to 16s. (Blood)
- Scarlet Dart's initial damage decreased from 7 to 5, bleed unchanged. (Blood)
- Hemorrhage is no longer GCDE. (Blood)
- Riptide aura's -DR has been removed. (Riptide)
- Despairing Tendrils range increased from 4x3 to 5x5. (Riptide)
- Lion's Fire Barrage's damage per projectile has been reduced to 5.5 from 7, total of 16.5. (Fire)
- Bang's cooldown has been increased to to 25s from 20s. (Explosion)
- Push's range has been increased to to 10 from 6. (Gravity)
- Bolt's cooldown has been increased to 15s from 10s. (Lightning)
- Conjurer's guard bonus reduced to 33% from 50%. Standard guard is still 25%. (Combat Style)

Addition: The Poison tree has been added, requiring Air Attunement.

Status effect, Poison: Deals 1 damage every 1.5s. Every 10 tiles moved, the next step is randomized. 0.5s of Blind applied when the target is first poisoned (cooldown of 15s).
Poison Darts: A linear projectile that inflicts moderate damage and 5s of poison.
Infection: Homing that has upgraded damage if the target is poisoned. Applies 4s of slow and 3s of poison.
Smog: Mist Form-esque spell that deals light AoE damage.
Noxious Cloud: A 3x3 AoE that follows the caster for a short duration. Deals light, rapid AoE damage and 6s of poison once.
Acid Spray: Short-ranged cone spell that deals high damage & applies poison.
Venomous Dash: Zips towards the target, leaving a poisonous bog trail behind.
Toxic Shroud: Aura. +30 Crit, +20 Power. E Special: Can only activate if the target is poisoned. Removes their poison status effect & grants the caster +10AP for 8s and a movement buff for 3s, CD of 30s. Green glow during.
Venomous Vortex: Intermediate. Linear moving, giant poisonous tornado that sucks in enemies with a 5x5 range. Deals 12 damage once followed by light, rapid damage while dragging. If the target was poisoned, it also leaves a brief lingering movement scramble. 

Addition: A set of Fireblooded spells. Requires an application.
Blessed Flames: Blesses the target with +3 Fire Power & Defense for 3 years (15 OOC days), as well as a temporary nerf of -10 vit that lasts for 24 hours (to represent the burns). Costs 1000 Energy & -10 vitality for 24 hours (unhealable). 
Garljing's Armor: Blesses the target with immunity to temporary and permanent nerfs for 1 year (5 OOC days). Costs 1000 Energy & -10 vitality for 24 hours (unhealable). 

Addition: Severance, Blood Hidden Spell. Similar to Shockwave with a Bleed effect.
Addition: Cinderflare, Explosion Hidden Spell. Teleports to the target with a flash of red, releasing an explosive knockback.

Addition: You can now type /location to display your XYZ coordinates. This information can be given to others so they can easily find you.
Addition: When observing an RPB, the RPs posted will display for you regardless of the tile distance.
Addition: You can now add helpers to your stall, by interacting with it. They can manage the stall as you would.
Addition: 'Ice Spike Barrage' added to Ice Magic, a linear projectile that inflicts frostbite on-hit.
Addition: Amulets now have a chance to roll rarity bonuses on crafting. 

Change: The range of the 'whispers something' output has been lowered from 10 to 5 tiles.
Change: Lowers the +DR on Mana from 0.02% to 0.015% at 150 Mana and above. 
Change: Blackout Potion now re-specs up to 100 points in a stat rather than 25.

Spell Changes
- Shockwave's damage reduced from 17 to 15. Range lowered from 5 to 4. (Air)
- Tornado's damage reduced from 3 to 2.5. (Air)
- Lightning Burst's cooldown increased from 12s to 19s. (Lightning)
- Sound Cascade's damage lowered from 5 to 4. (Sound)
- Melodic Repose's duration lowered from 10s to 7s. (Sound)
- Magma Slide's tile damage reduced from 5 to 3. (Magma)
- Volcanic Barrier's cooldown increased from 30s to 34s. (Magma)
- Pyroclasm's range decreased from 4 to 3. (Explosion)
- Tesla's damage decreased from 17 to 15. (Plasma)
- Aquatic Aegis's power increased from 15 to 20, as well as an additional 10 vitality. (Water)
- Bleed damage lowered from 1 to 0.5. (Blood)
- Various adjustments to homing spells to put them in line with another.
What features or major changes would you like to see in this patch? Give us your wish list!

Demon Race
Automates demons as a rebirth option at 220+. Access to Occult Magic.
Demonic Essence: A 3* multiplier on dangerous/deadly Activity Point gain.
Base Form: +10 Vitality, +10 Power. 
Kaor Form: Unlocked at 180RPL. +15 Vitality, +15 Power.
Demonic Ascension: Requires application. Grants a humanoid form, toggle buff. 

Spell: Symphony, Sound Magic Hidden. Aura, +10 Vitality +20 Power. If the target is slowed, gain 10% AP. Special: Puts Cascade, Melodc Repose, or Cacophony off of cooldown.
Spell: Perfect Body, a Melee Hidden. Combat style, the character cannot purchase spells outside of Armed or Unarmed (locked into one or the other). +100 Power, +50 Agility. Special: Makes all melee spells GCDE, cleanses, and grants slow immunity for 10s.
Spell: Bladestorm, upgrade to Hundred Cuts. Intermediate hidden.
Spell: Fury Fists. A long-ranged, wide arc of punch projectiles. Intermediate hidden, Unarmed.
Spell: Mighty Blow, a short-ranged teleport slam that knocks the target back by ten tiles. Intermediate hidden, Armed/Unarmed.

Addition: /rp chat prefix to open the roleplay prompt
Addition: The /coords command now displays as onscreen co-ordinates for easier viewing that adjusts as you move about. It's toggleable. 
Addition: Cooked food now has a small chance to also include a power stat bonus in addition to the vitality. This is randomized from 1 to 5 power, and the higher your cooking level the more likely you'll get the bonus.  

Change: Critical rate now gives diminishing returns beyond 180. Cooldown reduction remains the same.
Fix: Poison's movement scramble wasn't expiring and could linger indefinitely at times.

Spell Changes
- Ice Spike Barrage's movement speed and range increased. (Ice)
- Glacier's damage increased from 4.5 to 6, total of 18. (Ice)
- Iron Grip's damage increased from 8 to 10, duration of root decreased. (Metal)
- Crushing Iron's duration decreased by roughly thirty percent. (Metal)
- Plasma Shroud's -20 mana debuff removed. (Plasma)
- Time Beam's range decreased from 20 to 15 to reduce the self-stun time. (Time)
- Thief reworked. Its special is now a 6s movement speed buff that grants 50 crit during. (Combat Style)

Addition: Mimic race, a 200RPL rebirth requirement
Quote:Ichorous Missile: Linear projectile attack, several bolts of acid.
True Mimickry: Copies the target’s appearance, abilities, and stats (though less than the original, unless your stat is higher). Excludes hidden spells and racials.
Base Form: Reverts to their Mimic form. Do not use this while True Mimickry is active!

Addition: Dungeon Master Command, 'Injure', that allows a DM to apply injuries without knocking the target down. Can also be applied via the 'edit' menu.

Addition: If someone has been inactive for 8 hours or longer, their first RP will get an additional Activity Points bonus. This is 40 AP with an extra 5 for every hour beyond the base eight, up to a maximum of 200 points. 'Your last RP was 12 hours ago, so you've gained a bonus of 60 Activity Points! Welcome back!"'

Addition: The 'transceiver' recipe has been adjusted and re-added to the game as a hidden artificer item. This allows for long-ranged communication where the transceiver can select a network to attune to.

Increases Iron Fist to +30% AP.
Spell: Gentle Fist, Unarmed Style. +25% AP, Cleanse special (CD 40s).
Spell: Tactician, Unarmed Style. +25% AP, +50% damage dodge for 2s triggered with guard (CD 20s). 
Spell: Brawler, Unarmed Style. +25% AP, GCD reduced to 1s for 10s (CD 60s). 
Spell: Dancer, Public Style. +10 Agility. Brief speed boost on dash, increases dash range by 2. Can be used as unarmed.

Map: Moves Myllenoris closer to the main land, and restructures the map to improve the overall world state. (MissPerson)
Map: Moves Theria further down the mountain, in line with the other map changes. (Milly)
Map: Spruces up Nysea and gives the town some TLC. (Drea)
Map: Alabastre map rework, in the east. (Fru)
Map: Drastically improves the sewers, acting as a mode of fast travel within Osrona and a connection between Osrona-Alabastre. (Chance)

Change: The font size of 'Hex' has been doubled and it will ping the target on use. It also mentions that it's against the rules to mention the hex OOCly at all for the duration of the scene.
Change: The following is now viewable in RP logs - Item trades, adding and removing coins from a guild, removing items from a store, and hexes.
Change: Lowers the starting age to 10. At age 13 or less, Activity Point gain is halved.
Change: Remakes Sweeping Cleave to be more consistent.
Change: The anti-magic restraint recipe now requires tyrium.
Change: Makes dense objects extra transparent in RPBs.

Fix: Injuries weren't applying correctly with the interact command on knocked down targets.
Fix: Projectile spells (such as Light Orb) could fire on diagonals rather than where the caster is facing.
Fix: RPBs would break if someone disconnected, rather than being gracefully remove.d
Fix: RPBs would break if someone declined the invite. 

Spell Changes
Reduces the RPP cost of spell tree openers across the board. Attunement is now 10 instead of 15, Specializations are 20 instead of 25, and Advanced Magic is 25 instead of 30. Armed's opener (Dash Strike) is 20 and Unarmed's opener (Iron Body) is 15. 

- Blazing Wave is now 5 tiles wide (originally 3) (Fire)
- Great Blazing Wave is now 7 tiles wide (originally 5) (Fire)
- Sear's RPP cost reduced from 20 to 15 (Fire)
- Overheat's CD raised from 20s to 23s (Fire)
- Plasma Strike's damage lowered from 10 to 8, range increased to 12 from 10 (Plasma)

- Mudslide is now 5 tiles wide (originally 3) (Earth)
- Great Mudslide is now 7 tiles wide (originally 5) (Earth)
- Rock Wall's cooldown increased from 20s to 26s, damage decreased from 8.5 to 7.5 (Earth)
- Forest Form's vitality decreased from 20 to 10 (Nature)
- Yggdrasil's RPP cost lowered from 15 to 10 (Nature)
- Crystall Wall's on hit damage reduced from 13 to 11 (Crystal)
- Shardform's power reduced from 30 to 20 (Crystal)
- Skeletal Lance is no longer GCDE. (Bone)
- Reform's cooldown increased from 25s to 30s. (Bone)

- Absolute Zero now gives 10 AP and 20 crit. (Ice)
- Blood Vapor's cooldown increased from 20s to 26s (Blood)
- Blood Bullet's on hit damage increased from 5 to 7 (Blood)
- Blood Bomb's cooldown increased from 18s to 22s (Blood)

- Flurry now costs 10 RPP instead of 15. CD raised to 23s from 19s (Air)
- Tornado is now an intermediate rather than a basic (Air)
- Bolt's cooldown increased from 15s to 20s. (Lightning)
- Smog's duration lowered to 3s from 5s (Poison)
- Infection's cooldown increased from 19s to 24s (Poison)
- Sound Strike's cooldown increased from 20s to 24s (Sound)
- Expedience now grants 10 vitality in addition to its other effects (Gravity)
- Gravity Bomb's RPP cost decreased from 20 to 15 (Gravity)
- Push's damage lowered from 7.5 to 6 (Gravity)
- Wither's damage lowered from 7 to 5 (Time)

- Reduces clone's damage. May need further adjustment (Illusion)
- Mind Fray's RPP cost increased from 10 to 15 (Illusion)
- Eviscerate's cooldown increased from 30s to 35s (Shadow)
- Umbral Cloak now gives 12 AP & 30 crit. Removes the special (Shadow)

- Energy Constriction's cooldown increased from 15s to 20s, range increased to 12 from 10 (Energy)

- Essence Strike's cooldown increased from 25s to 30s. Damage reduced from 10 to 8. (Teraphim)

Addition: Beastkin variants, the sewer dwelling Razuka and the rabbit-eared Lapine. The former has an affinity for Water and the latter is Earth.

Change: Doubles the chest slot amount.
Change: Removes some crafting prompts, such as the yes/no delay after you try to craft something.
Change: Modernizes the Frostbite code. It can be cleansed.
Change: The Field of Ice AoE forms much more quickly now.
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