TristThe Rhoynish Misfit
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"I was made to fight!"

One of the enslaved Rhoynish children of Serea Petrakis.

He is looked down upon by many for his race and more for his character. The instincts of the Rhoynish within his blood overwhelm him, and because of this he just can't be normal. Often being compared to an animal by others because of this. Ordinary tasks and people can't keep his focus nor gain his respect. He can't remain in one place for more than a few seconds at a time. To anyone other than those he was raised to serve or those he was made to respect he can't help but speak impolitely. He doesn't care for the normalities of life.

He only cares to fight and that is what he was raised to do - to use his natural-born abilities to protect the royal family and the Kingdom itself from those that threaten both. Otherwise, he just can't care for much at all in life. It's nearly all him and his body know, after all...

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