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The Eternia Sprite Tool is a must when spriting as it saves a lot on manual labor when drawing a weapon or upper body accessory (hair, backpack, helmet, etc). It automatically generates frames for every single animation (walk, run, heavy_punch, block, etc). The .png you edit and input into the program is just 3 unique frames.

To use:
- edit head_template.png or weapon_template.png with the necessary 3 frames
- open up the Eternia Sprite Tool program in the folder, select 'hair' or 'weapon', load your edited .png. save the 'ui', 'over' and 'under', ending each name with the .dmi extension (coolsword_ui.dmi, coolsword_over.dmi, coolsword_under.dmi as an example)
- now you can open up the sprite. delete the white bg via the color picker (to do this, double click a shade beneath 'colors in use')
A collection of various sprites can also be found in the same folder:
Chance for some reason the male.dmi is coming up as an outfit for me
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