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Lord Regulus Grimmore
Head of House Grimmore

The current Lord Grimmore following his father's death in the last year of the war with Barsburg, Regulus Grimmore has quickly made a name for himself as a rising star within the Osronan administration. Taking on his family's typical niche by joining the Diplomatic corps at seventeen after graduating from the Imperial Academy, Regulus established himself as a capable diplomat who organised prisoner exchanges between Osrona and Barsburg during the war that often benefited the former far more than the latter. His exact role in the Osronan administration nowadays is not entirely clear, although he continues to serve as a diplomat and may have -based on several reports- taken on a advisory role with the current ruler of Osrona.
Rumours of a series of...unfortunate accidents befalling those believed culpable in his father's death -as well as several other important Barsburg officials during the final months of the war- remain just that, the Lord Grimmore categorically denying such accusations on the rare occasion they're publically made. 

OOC Bits: First, yes, shamelessly stole Simple's format for their biography. All of the above may be considered common knowledge within Osrona, and easy enough to discover outside of the city. Anyone involved in the Noble/Administrative aspect of Osrona is encouraged to contact me via Theori#5636 to figure out pre-existing relationships. Same with any Salis', given I'm your liege lord. This oughta be fun!
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