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Serea Astor Petrakis
The Stalwart Radiant - Queen Mother

The second daughter of the last head of the Astor family, Serea was brought up with swordplay at the forefront of academic study. Prior to reading age, she was taught the art of combat, becoming a cadet before reaching her teenage years. While she was no beauty by most standards, her degree of finesse and skill remained unparalleled by most girls her age. Perhaps it was this that caught the eye of the young prince, Aristidis, who found her free-spirit and callousness far more interesting than the regal, proper behavior of other high-born suitors. 

The royal wedding of 1717 was considered a grand affair, the joining of House Petrakis and Astor an alliance seen as beneficial to both families. Those in attendance were quick to notice Serea's strong spirit, as she wore a sturdy set of armor beneath her wedding dress. Following the wedding, at the age of sixteen, Serea began a family with her husband, Aristidis, furthering the Petrakis line.

Despite becoming Queen, as well as a mother, Serea's focus remained upon the Order of the First Light. Many scathing rumors surrounded the Queen at this time, who many saw as cold and unapproachable, which only further put a damper upon King Aristidis' already deteriorating reputation. Not only that, but the Queen clearly performed better in combat than her husband, rising through the ranks of the First Light as a result.

Throughout her tenure as a knight, Serea led several campaigns and assaults against the Rhoynish bandit groups within Essharan territory. She allowed them no quarter, slaying many of the adults which she fought. Surprisingly, however, she spared the children, taking many of them into her own custody. Attempting to raise them away from the savagery from which they came, becoming servants of the Petrakis family.

Many saw her as a favorable candidate for Lightbringer, a position which she ultimately rejected, allowing a colleague to fill the role. Instead, she used the time to nurture her family, teaching her children how to defend themselves directly rather than relying upon a tutor for such. She developed a deep, loving bond with her little ones, which was cruelly severed as a result of the invasion by Barsburg.

Serea fought  alongside her husband and king at the Battle of Hessalia, which resulted in her lover's early demise. Those present bore witness to her unbridled rage and mental anguish, a snap which prompted her to quickly fell one of Barsburg's commanders. Even though Hessalia was ultimately lost, she remained fighting until the last possible moment, fueled by the loss of her husband.

From this moment forth, she was forever changed, abandoning her set of white, pearly armor in favor of black and gold. The little warmth that she once exuded was devoid of light, a stern woman with little tolerance for stupidity filing the gap. Aside from her children, she seemingly wasn't kind to anyone.

Following the fall of Hessalia, Serea returned to Osrona to prepare a more united defense. With her husband dead, many doubted the future of the Petrakis family, seeing as his heir was of such young age. There were those who favored Aristidis' younger brother instead, advocating for age and experience in a time of war. This was something which Serea simply wouldn't allow, openly challenging any to a duel who doubted her child's right to rule.

With succession secured, she once more set her sights upon the invading Barsburg Army. She fought alongside the Lightbringer, as well as the other Radiants, defending both her home and family. While she suffered minor injuries, the same couldn't be said of the Lightbringer, a man who she had grown to see as a friend during their service together.

With the war concluded, Serea remains in her position of Radiant Knight, acting as a motherly guardian and counselor to her children, as well as a guiding figure to younger soldiers. A great distaste for Myllenoris has been developed as a result of their inactivity, as well as the remarks made by Teraphim to her family on prior occasions. 

Where her children are concerned, wherever they tread, a hulking black knight lingers close by. Any who have nefarious plans in mind for her children, as well as her kingdom, will be met with the ire of a fiercely protective mother and knight.

 OOC Bit: If any of the other Radiants, knights, nobility, or whoever really wants to reach out and craft a backstory involving our characters, feel free to shoot me a message at Iridescence#8193! She will be eager to take on new cadets, train soldiers and whatnot. Smile
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