VolatileSome Quality of Life Changes.
I've been analyzing the game as well as various other games with similar systems for their progression and came up with the following suggestions.

Increase the RPP timer to 3 hours.
There are many people who ICly shit post and rely on their 'crackhead energy' to post every five minutes, on the minute, to ensure they always get their checks. I have seen people go from 182 to 194 in under 24 hours. And it distorts progression and genuine character design. For those who are addicted to getting checks every hour on the hour. I feel this also keeps them away from tending to RL duties such as washing their clothes, getting food, etc. Most gamers are prone to addictive personalities. SO I think giving them this bigger window will help them in feeling safe to take a break and focus on RL.

Rework Mana Capacity
Make mana capacity no longer start at the ridiculous number of 100 and throw the scaling off with other stats. Also rebalance the DR you get from it to make investing in it more worth it. Make Mana Capacity start at 3, like all other stats. But make the amount of Spirit(the actual expendable mana amount) Be like, 100+Mana Capacity. Or 50+, or 75.

Mining Timers
Instead of making ores despawn and take hours to respawn, make players have timers upon them. After mining 10 of any ore, a timer is ticked on. For common ores like copper and iron, it could be about 10 minutes, but for stuff like nyeshk and mythril? It should be closer to perhaps, 12 hours. Make the ores spawn back quickly, but the players themselves having the huge timers. This also allows players who are on during high-population hours to actually be crafters and gather ores. These timers can also be placed on different alchemy nodes. making ou unable to interact with that node depending on what you pick up for it, for a set amount of time.

A /Mining command so people could check their mining timers would also be good. It will list what ores they have a timer on and how much longer.
I feel this would also make it so people arent afraid to go out and mine due to no finding any ore, and make conflict be a thing. Also make mugging people a profitable venture for low-key antagonism.
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The RPP timer increase won’t change any of those RL things for me.
It will for some. Especially for me. And others like me who feel pressured into getting their checks every time it ticks for fear of falling behind.
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>Increase RPP timer to stop crackheads/low effort.
Won't really change anything. Nobody ever hits the AP cap so once someone hits their check they'll just keep doing it to build up AP. We don't want to restrict people's ability to RP but I think we need to be more strict when it comes to actual RP guidelines so people can't just shitpost in IC to get their checks. I also feel that, on the other side, there are a lot of people who RP to hit checks and then stop RPing until they get it. Increasing the timer feels like it wouldn't help that situation at all, and just make certain gaps grow wider and more exponential.

>Rework MCap, again
The secret is that MCap is actually still completely viable to go into to make a strong build, the downside is simply that it doesn't add onto your /flee like agi does. I don't think this is a problem with MCap being less useful but nobody wants to get hit with a 4k pursue when they can only drop 2k flees. As per reworking the numbers on it, while it would LOOK nice, it's really not necessary, in my opinion.

This would also probably fuck around with balance as you'd need to DRASTICALLY increase the number of DR you get per point if you started at a lower number.. Or you leave it alone and make people who invest heavily into MCap become absolute monsters in terms of DR, while those in agi have none. I'm not saying this could potentially cause a cascade of needing to rebalance almost everything in game, but I definitely think it's perfectly fine and functional as is, if not a little aesthetically awkward. This change would cause a lot more problems than you know.

>Mining timer
I don't have much of a thought on this except that ores and things built from ores tend to be oversaturated in the markets already. Making every single person have the ability to get them, constantly, would just cause this oversaturation to become EVEN WORSE. Think about it. Presume there's ~200 players who connect online at different times during the day, and maybe 25 of them go for that ore. Beforehand, a lot of them would come back empty handed.. But now, every one of them is coming back with some of that ore, every single time. The market would flood overnight.
Wait, people actually worry about the timer??????

i think i do personally prefer a 3 hour timer because it paces the rate of RPP gain a little more, steadies it so you aren't getting 10+ checks a day. that and using /rpp to aim for a check every hour while playing isn't really the kind of behaviour we want to encourage

but since i don't mind a whole lot either way, the majority vote can decide:

upvote if you want a 3 hour timer
downvote if you want a 1 hour timer
there is always the option of just getting x amount of rpp checks a day like spires that help pace
I second Mal's suggestion.
For me, its less about pacing, and more not wanting to see the quality of RP drop to shitposts, and give people breathing space with their RP. Though nturally it wil lslow down pacing a bit for those who spam a lot of posts to get checks.
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okay, but people need to pass checks.

you need rpl to get to t1 alchemist or artificer
you need rpl to finish a bar.
you need rpl (and age) to apply for hiddens (even if there are exceptions that you shouldnt aim for)

and halting it instead of moderarting it will just make people just shit post in white. so, if you moderate it and pace it where you get x amount of checks a day, so they can do other things with their lives are preferable...
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