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"The best damn drink in Theria! It's where ye go when one just don't know where to go. The foaming jewel of the north, the only place ye see the wealthiest and most noble of Esshar rubbing elbows with slumrats and the like. If ye looking for work, companionship, t'have a brew with ye mates or simply wandering in from the cold; The Drunken Dragon has something for you."

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The Drunken Dragon 
From the outside it looks cozy, rustic and inviting. Layered stone and thick, carved wooden beams make up most of the building's outer A-frame structure. Warm light pours out through the stained glass windows obscuring the inside, but the roaring noises from within can be felt throughout the area. At the entrance of the tavern, above large reinforced, wooden double doors the ornate logo of The Drunken Dragon can be seen. A dragon in sejant-rampant position holding up a mug of ale alongside the name of the tavern etched with golden leaf upon charred planks rumored to be scorched by dragon fire, a well known trademark of the establishment.

Welcomed by the smell of cedar, alcohol and a pleasant atmosphere. It's as engaging inside as it is on the outside. Twisted wooden beams support the upper floors, each with their own function within the tavern. The walls of the first floor are flooded with flags and trophies of all sorts and sizes, each telling their own story of adventure and debauchery. The main attraction of the lower level being the spanning bar rail that extends along the far wall with stacked kegs and foaming taps providing the perfect backdrop for the tavern's unique service and experience. The second level houses the kitchen and most of the dining space within the tavern. Pool tables and dart boards can be found here along with larger tables for meetings and such. This floor is normally considered the safest within the tavern escaping the rowdy crowds of the lower level. The top floor is used primarily for management and employee housing, however there are rumors that the armor of the famous Black Knight can be found on display here.

Known for the colorful cast of characters that can be found inside, The Drunken Dragon serves as a staple for the culture of Theria. The barmaids who dress in skimpy outfits are known for their vulgar attitudes and sharp wit, quick to drive a knife into any disorderly patrons with little remorse.

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Rules & Policies

1. Tip your servers and bartenders
2. Remember Rule #1
3. No fighting in The Drunken Dragon. If you start a fight? You become fair game to everyone in the inn and you will not be protected.
4. If you get handsy with my staff, prepare to lose your hands
5. Don't leave sober

Becoming A Drunken Dragon

If you're looking for work? You've come to the right place. The Drunken Dragon is a hot spot for mercenaries, bounty hunters and other independent contractors looking to make their mark on the world by earning some quick coin. Rumor has it, if you approach the bar and order a "Ryujin Ale" you'll be contacted privately regarding "special"  employment opportunities.

However if you're looking for work at the inn itself, please fill out the application below.
Positions Available:
(Heart of House)
Owner: Iliyas, Sarai
Accountant: <OPEN>
FOH Manager: <OPEN>
BOH Manager: <OPEN>
(Front of House)
Head Bartender: <OPEN>
Bartender: <OPEN>
Barback: Arno Kriemhild
Server/Barmaid: Sanna Arborea
Housekeeping/Porter: <OPEN>
Host/Busser: <OPEN>
Entertainer: Cymbal Tenor
Dancer: <OPEN>
Bouncer: <OPEN>
(Back of House)
Head Chef:  <OPEN>
Assistant Chef: Terek
Pantry Chef: Freya Hargrave
Stock Worker: <OPEN>
Dishwasher: Domino
Laundry Cleaner: <OPEN>
Maintenance: <OPEN>

Quote:Application Form
(Send Your Application To Xzerx#9957 On Discord)

Prior Experience:

Position Desired?
(Mark an X by your choice)

(  ) FoH - Front of House
(  ) BoH - Back of House
(  ) HoH - Heart of House

The Legends Club 
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Loyalty Program
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