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The unbroken. The undying.

The Mundis house was not always known for what it is today. Records show a remarkable survival rate among members of the family where tragic events in history struck. The house was founded at the time of the very first witch trials, when Esshar was riddled with many unnatural, magical events. One of them-- the first of those that the family managed to survive, was The endless night. A month in which a coven of witches managed to strike Esshar with a solar eclipse that stuck for an entire month. The attacks of the witches were always ruthless, cold and of course, calculated. This was no different. Historians speculate that they've prepared their rituals years beforehand, and cherry-picked that exact month knowing it'd be a part of the harshest winter in Esshar for centuries.

Many lost their lives. Villages were reduced to mere families surviving, and among them? The Mundis. Not a single member of the family surrendered to the endless night, and they've all survived. Together. They seem blessed, granted some miracle from the skies above. Yet, history proved this to be no more coincidence. Wherever tragedy struck and death occurred, it seemed to almost pass over this family in particular. A Mundis always prevails-- but why? How? 
These questions were repeated by both commoners and nobles alike, as most suspected that some foul play was in place. A curse? A deal that's been made with witches? Many did not know why these men and women managed to withstand what others couldn't, and so, they were lead to believe that the family is best used for their advantage. To have a Mundis beside you would surely ensure your own survival too, they believed. But not quite.

When war struck, they happened to be the sole survivors. Those who were the only ones left to blame. The failure belonged to the living, and certainly not the dead.

It all changed when the head of the house at the time, Otreus Mundis, made the vital decision that his family is best kept away from public duties. They'd use their blessing and curse elsewhere. Many future generations became renown doctors who were sent to research plagues and other incurable diseases, as they were least likely to suffer from them. Others opted to become archaeologists who sought out extremely dangerous ruins, and lost treasures within. Where most refused to tread, the Mundis walked. No matter their chosen profession, they were willing to risk their lives for the better good. As long as it was just theirs. After all, it's the blood that flows within their veins that kept them safe all those years. They've learned not to assume it'd protect others.

Shortly after the first Grand Games took place, the house had its first contact with House Grimmore, who would later on name the Mundis as nobles of Esshar. Their same line of work continued-- only tasks came directly from the noble house of Grimmore itself. Those missions grew harsher and more dangerous than ever before, but the Vassal house was happy to oblige. Or at least, content enough to stay silent and follow orders.
The cursed blood of the family is mostly regarded as folklore these days, but their strange, secretive missions have yet to change.
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