IronFistTThe Mortal Constellation - Esshar Short Story Collection
The Mortal Constellation

Written By: Reno Sanctum
Published In Remembrance of The New Era Welcoming Festival

With so many participants, from all over the land, gathering here today, on the 1st day of year 1683! I Reno and all of Osrona invite you to take a glance at what might be known as a historic event! Thousands of magi, all in one place, truly a sight to see. But after today, what would you have learned from simply viewing a couple of drawn-out pictures? In those paintings of the festival, you might see only a few familiar faces within a couple of hundreds of whom you may consider strangers! Which is why I wish to immortalize everyone who took place within our grand event! Because decades from now, children and historians will look back at this as the foundation to the greatest Era ever known! After all, a hero, king, queen, or any known legend is nothing without a commoner's praise! And these men are women, are those very heroes, or if they actually attended... Villains. I hope you all enjoy history as much as I do because you never know what you'll obtain when you look into the past lives of others, how their stories might be the solution to your problems of the present day!

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Brief Message To The Reader:
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure:
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Page: I
Name: Fleur Sanctum
Age: 19
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader: A Beacon shall always be a great source of Light.
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: Fleur began as a child with no Magic. To grow into something worth following to this date. The greatest adventure I could recall.. was the moment I brought all my friends and family to a flower bed garden in Osrona and shared my most precious moments with them through my Magic. I'll never forget that as long as I live on this earth. As well as I hope do they. - Fleur Sanctum.
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Page: V
Name: Seneca V Shar
Age: 25
Race: Drakanite-Rhoynish
Brief Message To The Reader: If you've a dream? All it take's is work and belief.
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: My life before the great raid upon Osrona doesn't matter. What does is that I picked up a sword from the rubble and charged the demonic hosts. That was my origin, that was my call to adventure. I've had many in my life. I've battle the mightiest of demons and the most wicked of witches. Though, my greatest adventure came not on the battlefield but within the heart. There are those whom I fell for, those who'd been labeled as lost causes. A man lost to greed, a woman born in chains, and a demon trying to be understood. 

Because the world began with the love of Kraus. Why would we wish it to continue without love for one another? 

P.S. Sorry for skipping the first few pages. What can I say? I've got an affinity for the fifth.
Page: III
Name: Sajid Fendrick Lovain
Age: 40
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader: Friends can be family, too.
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: I was born to an articifer and an alchemist with a single younger brother, Dinh. After a tragic night that involved me mortally scarred, brother slaying my family, and being named ugly, I can only tell you the mental trauma and damage that can come from it. Agony of not being able to breathe without tubes, also incapable of speaking properly can have you thinking different.

In this world full of sin and death, people can assume the worse about people and animals. At am age where I was stable money-wise, I was able to but my first house with my Roomate Proteus and my pet fox. Me and Proteus weren't the best of friends at first. In fact, we tried to kill one another numerous times until one day of tragedy happened. My fox was stolen by tribal, corrupted Rhoynish thieves in the night. Me, being devastated with the loss of my fox went on my mission to retrieve it. Of course, the unexpected happened.

I was defeated, a five on one with three of them being Magi. I thought it was it, but that was when Proteus sneaked himself in to make it more even. And when he finally said those words of 'Brother', a bond was formed that was unbroken to this day. And we saved my pet fox.

Family can betray you; friends can as well. However, those who prove that they can be family and reach the depths of your heart can replace which is lost. Even though we will never be reunited in death, his ideals and morals will be with me.

Rest in peace, Proteus, Sina. Maybe one day, in another life, we can be better.
Page: IV
Name: Reno Sinclair Sanctum
Age: 19
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader: A Legend is nothing without a commoners Praise. Win the people's favor, and value the treasures of history itself.
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure:  Everything started in Theria. Whereat first, I hated magic, I disliked everything about it and thought that the demons were the only friends in this world that I'd ever have. Not until I came across the Flame Keepers guild, now the Golden Flame and its member, Ashe, who taught me that magic itself is an art of nature, of Kraus.  Then Fleur, showed me what it meant to be the embodiment of a blessing. Since then, I've been exploring the world, in search of wisdom, fascinated by magic, however. I made a vow to myself and the common man. To never use magic in order to cause harm to anyone or anything. If I were to destroy a mountain, it would be through my own human flesh. 

My resolve had been tested over the years, as I've taken countless beatings from various forms of magic, and different type of magi, from my fellow humans, to other demons and beast. I did manage to make a breakthrough one day, after obtaining the aura of time mastery known as Chronos. I had sworn off magic as an offense but welcomed its many amplifiers and defenses under the condition that it would do just that, and bring no form of harm to my target. Since then, I've grown, but only thanks to the teachings of a great man known as Rain Multhunder. He showed me the light, wisdom, and trained me to properly fight off against magic with only the support of the Unarmed Arts, Holy Light and Time... I've never been so grateful to a single mortal, but, if not for him. I'd have lost many more battles, and possibly be dead. It's through him, that I honorably serve the Ivory Aegis as a Scholar.

I hope, that the Non-Magi, and those Magi out there who have made a similar vow to only survive through their own strengths and wisdom, will find encouragement from my story and many others. To have a clear drive towards freedom, to expose yourself to the world and its secrets, because, living a life behind the safe walls of any kingdom will only limit and hinder your true freedom and ability to learn. I have chased the love of my life, and learned much from the world, because of the shackles I destroyed. Never tie yourself down because of fear, because if your ancestors were to give up on their dream of the ideal world. You'd probably not be here, so be brave, and find your own horizon.
Page: II
Name: Jovan Novak
Age: 49
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader: Make day brighter for the others and for yourself. Feel what people need at the moment and offer it to them.
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: Jovan found himself in Sudbury. His company of drunkards left him behind. He got up and went to explore Esshar. Many people directed him on his lifepath - Rain Multhunder, Sina, Elijah and many of his friends. And he tried to be helpful to other people as well. At first Jovan found joy in writing stories, then - playing music. He was hoping that his stories and manuals will brighten up people's day. Jovan was a trader, but he barely got enough coins to pay for a rent. He endured some tragical events which brought him to Celestial Faith. He finds that Sudbury and Messaris are the best places for life. Jovan never had intent to kill a person, because dying is sad, and living is fun. Many people around found joy in a fight, but he was terrible at it and never strived for a victory.
Some are certain that member of Faith should be ready to fight evil, but Jovan prefers scholar activities and craftsmanship.
Page: III
Name: Dun Task
Age: 41
Race: Essharian
Brief Message To The Reader: No matter how difficult things become, maintain your resolve and you'll grow stronger for it.
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: I was born in Sudsbury's slums a whoreson, impoverished and abused, and through brute determination I rose to become the commander of the city watch. Yet, Osrona became a cage for me in time, and my hollow mantle brought me no savor, so I adorned the mantle of a clown and seized Theria for my own. Fight by fight, protege by protege, until the jewel upon the mountain was my frozen throne.

But my greatest adventure was not in this realm, but the other one. In the depths of Helheim Theria's boldest marched, fists and blades raised to raze a daemonic forgemaster's hovel and seize his treasure for our own. There, in that infernal hive of depravity, blind and battered, we carved through hordes of foul creatures not as heroes, not as paragons of virtue, but as ruthless, economically motivated killers who were there to get a job done. And so the hammer of Helheim sits in Theria's vaults, and the demons know better still than to mock a clown.
Page: VI
Name: Kircheis von Astrea
Age: 33
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader: No matter how far you fall, no matter how grave your sins, you can always return to the light. 
Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: I was lost, abandoned and had no memories of my past, and I was taken in by the kindest person in the world. She gave me a purpose to live, home, food, and shelter, and so I swore to protect her. Years later, I met my fiance in Theria, along with two of my adopted kids, and I will never forget them. Still, happy stories are only in fairy tails, for I lost my fiance, the person I loved most. 

But my fall became my rise, as I believed in Kraus and his angels, they blessed me, and I spoke to one after forming my guild, The Ivory Aegis, their words will never leave me, for when heaven's light shown upon the both of us in the middle of the night, illuminating all, I heard his voice, "Go forwards, my child... Into the light." and so I did. For in the year 1681 AC, I did the impossible. I united Theria, a group of Rhoynur, and Osrona for an attack on the demon raid, and for the first time since they returned to Esshar, we won. 

So, my readers, I say this, never lose your faith in Kraus, and never give up your hope. For even when it seems eternal darkness will be a thing, remember this.

The sun sets, but it always comes back to illuminate the world.
Name: Mihaly Oton
Age: 25
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader: Remember to think of your future, not your past. [i]in. All i can say at this point is there's no need to be someone special, just a need to be someone nice that hopefully doesn't mess up as much as i did. [/i]

Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure: Well, for the most part i'm no one in particular. Around five years ago i woke up with 7 stab wounds with no memory of what happened before leading me to believe i did a hell of a trick and got brain damage. My greatest adventure? I wouldn't call it an adventure but i'd say the greatest things i've done so far is find my brother Karma, learn a couple different magics, lead a group of robed bandits and mostly wandered around trying to help others, and failed to help quite horribly much to my disdain. I'll go and pass on as no one in particular and i'm okay with that since i know i tried my best, i just hope everyone is okay.
Legally dickless.
Name: Athena Sanctum
Age: 22
Race: Human
Brief Message To The Reader:  Light never fades. 

Brief Origin & Highlight of your Greatest adventure:  Everything started within Osrona slowly working up my way to reach new heights of power to become strong one day just like the will known knights of this day and age. Slowly I've became a knight being able to protect a few of those around me however I've always thought that you could save everyone around you which isn't the case sadly. Saving and reaching out to extend a hand to those in need is the most important thing one could do. It shows you care in the very least. My greatest adventures was traveling up into Theria for the the first time of my life and seeing that everyone around there deeply hated the Order of the First Light and so? I was attacked on the spot and captured by a person from moonfall but a demon stepped because he was being paid to do so by one of my friends that was a noble. However the noble didn't have the coin on her that she originally offered and attempted to run away with me in her arms but failed, the demon captured me once again and was going to make me into a Cambion...Then my dear noble friend spoke up saying she'd do anything for my life and thus? She was feasted upon her shoulder having a chunk ripped out for the demon as punishment. After that we were free to go but we suffered a major loss that day. It was a long day but we made it through. Thankfully my prayers were answered, soon I became much stronger to hold my own in the very least since that event happened when I was a kid. With that being said. Always believe in the light as it shall guide and pave many great paths ahead of you in the future. 
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