MillyEsshar Cost Sheet
Cost Sheet for Esshar

credit to avajain tbh

It's located heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere
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I love you Avajain  Heart
Spell cost spreadsheet has been updated as of 7/25/2020
Vine whip has now been added to the Nature tree!
Tornado in Air is no longer an Intermediate, and the spreadsheet has been updated to reflect this. (The in-game tool-tip was not up to date!)
The cost sheet has been updated to reflect these changes:

Mist Form is now a 10RPP intermediate.
Merges Riptide & Water.
Adds Ethereal Wings as Energy intermediate.
Adds Titan's Fist as an Unarmed intermediate. Makes Lariat basic.
Jab's RPP cost raised from 5 to 10
Flying Kick's RPP cost lowered from 15 to 10
The spell cost sheet has been updated with a missed spell in the tempest tree, as well as some spell cost errors on bolt that were brought to my attention.
The spell cost spreadsheet has been updated to include all of the new spells. Will also begin working on ensuring the in-game spell descriptions are accurate and updated.
[Image: comm_round_2_19.png]
The cost sheet has been updated! This (mostly) includes the changes of:

- Mist Magic
- Elemental Overhaul (Bio and Meta attunement)
- The one patch we had where a bunch of spells were reduced in cost.
- etc

If there is anything missing, feel free to DM me at Trenton#7171 and I can see about fixing it rather than posting here

- Mutant Racials
- Adding notes to spells to explain their spell type (aura, aoe, toggle buff, etc). (MAYBE. Would you guys like to see this?)
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