TristHouse Brienne
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House Brienne

Quote:"Courageous, loyal, and righteous unto death."
- Aurele Brienne I, 469 AC

The noble family of Brienne is one of admirable warriors who, time and time again, have proved their steadfast loyalty to the Kingdom of Esshar and its Crown. Their known beginnings date back to the War of the Dragon, where they were among the first to meet the overly ambitious Kingdom of Sluthia's forces in combat. Members of the house, following their head of house, Aurele Brienne I, fought with fearlessness, tenacity, and effectiveness that riled up their allies and struck fear into the heart of their enemies. With energy and sword did they play a large role in pushing into the enemy's kingdom, before the eventual slaying of the draconic King Myndrerrag.

For their efforts in the war the house was granted the status of nobility and they rose in the ranks of the Order of The First Light, and since continued to prove themselves by their service in the prestigious army. Through the Bastard's Rebellion, the Conquest of Rhoynur, and more. Even in times of relative peace do they ready themselves to be the sword of the Kingdom.

In recent times the family has fallen from the height of renown they once knew but have been subject to some talk with the assassination of the Lord Armel Brienne and his wife Lady Ourania Brienne. They were survived by their only son and heir, Arrian Brienne, who took on the role of his late father. Some question whether he is ready to assume the title of Lord in his teenage years, but despite his youth he has the support of his relatives and is said by many to carry himself well. The house is resilient and will remain strong even in the face of adversity.
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