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Silverwall Mine
Building The Esshar of Tomorrow

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The location of the founding of Osrona was not by chance. Though the useful waterways and verdant forests helped, the majority of Esshar's mineral wealth has come directly from Silverwall Mine. Not far from the city itself, Silverwall is nestled close by in the northwest mountains. Once it was accessible by simple rail, but they are long since in a state of disrepair and are now only used for short distance travel in the mine itself.

Silverwall is well known in the city as arguably the least dangerous area for Magi to gather smithing and alchemy resources; however, access to it throughout its long history it has been more or less strictly controlled by either various guilds, noble houses, or bandit colonies, and most mining foremen are quick to warn prospectors away from the flooded lower floors.

Today, Silverwall is long past its glory days as the source of a near-infinite river of mythril (the ubiquitous "silver wall" dried up centuries ago), and the only workers to traverse its depths are fairly strong Magi - groups of them, usually, for protection - rather than the endless tide of low-paid laborers or prisoners of days gone past.

Current owner: ??? Artificer's Guild? Whoever apps for it?!
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