MillyA Message to the Dark
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Within Osrona's streets, specifically Messaris, a battle took place. Locals report it was an exorcist battling an Occultists - others, more supersitious, report it was a great dragon of shadow that had come to claim the lives of those who sinned. Regardless of such hearsay, there was soon an official posting. They were spread to the far corners of Esshar... The owner wanted to make sure everyone read it.

Dear Esshar,
Today, a great darkness was cleansed from our land. Blake Augustus, a known Occultist and possible Witch was exorcised - permanently - from her mortal coil. She made the foolish and grave mistake of idling within Messaris, and her mistakes caught up to her. Let this be a lesson known far and wide to any and all who practice Occultism or Witchcraft... Any to their friends, the Demons.
If I find you, I will end you. Your darkness does not deserve to walk upon our land, and taint our people. I shan't allow you, none of us shall allow it. If you turn yourselves in, may the stars grant you mercy - because I shall not.
Erika cos Salis
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