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Character Name/Contact Info: Yvette Eldergrove / Dox#8381
Extra Attendees: Dun, Lumi Fenrir, Paradox, and Mr. Glass.
Objective: Obtain a Book of Shadows.

Event Synopsis: Witchcraft, the art of manipulating the essence of Helheim bestowed upon a mortal through a pact with the Dark Lord. It is this magic which allowed the ancient Archmagi Amalia Elaide to conjure life from dreams and forge a bloodline of power that nearly topped Astya.

One of her Daughters, Atrella Elaide, was a powerful Demonologist able to create and control the demons almost as well as her mother. When the Elaide family lost the war she went into hiding. Nothing is known as to what happened to the ancient witch but her person grimoire survived through her descendants. However, after the coven arrived upon the isle of Ulden within the frozen northern sea. That contact with it vanished.

Rumors have graced the bars and taverns of Theria of the mysteries island that lured ships to there grave for generations. Speaking of an island where monsters stalked the coastlines and fell singing tempted sailors to turn there ships to the stones. It is these rumors that Yvette hopes to investigate.

Tone: Discovery, Monsters, Mystery.

Risk: Up to the DM.

DM: Hated

Specific Requests: Book of Shadows (Atrella's Grimmoire, unique item focused around demon binding and summoning. If it's allowed to be an item... Darkness defense would be what I'd like from it.)
I don't read books often, but damn this story has me hooked. I'll DM it.
MMMM...danger..Lumi's in.
No fear.
Paradox will attend.
Can't come.
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