DreamspeakerBlack Silk
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In these trying times, all seek salvation and respite.
Amidst bloodshed and violence, all seek for answers.
And you seek them too, don't you?
Surrender to your thirst for knowledge.
You'll find all that you need.

Located across key points in Esshar, there are shrines built upon the foundation of stone, with the text engraved upon them on what seems like a table. The text is split in two different sections, one speaking of instructions, and another speaking of a hint required for shrine to activate. Each shrine bears a symbol; the black veil splattered upon the spiral web, with a thread of Fate passing right through the middle. The text upon each shrine of stone says the following.

"Open your eyes." 
"There's no light here." 
"You came to the dark for knowledge." 
"And knowledge you'll have." 
"If you will only speak the words." 

The second part of the text is split away with implication.

"By night, we come." 
"By night, the way opens." 
"By the hand of the willing." 
"I shall be brought home."

The Shrines remain dormant otherwise, until the text is read. 
The locations are listed:
◆ The edge of the Broken Chapel
◆ Tribal ruins in the forest
◆ The ruins of the castle in the wild
◆ The golden lake, south of Osrona
◆ The center of western marshes

(( OOC: Should one interact with the Shrine & recite the words, feel free to contact discord Boguidance#4757 to set up the scene - which is up to you if you'd like to. ))
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