AgentPurpleLearning to Rise (1 out of 3)
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Synopsis: Sih'lanhu, a Pureblooded demon, seeks ascension. Perhaps the simplest of wants, but something that isn't very easily achieved, even by pureblood standards. Deciding to travel to an occultic forest- following rumors of an Ascended demon- what Sih'lanhu finds there is not just a demon of ascended power, but a trial paved in blood far ahead.

Participants: 2-3 Other people Sih'lanhu knows

Tone: Fearful/Mystery/Gritty/Demonic
Risk: High CoI (2 and 3 will be low CoD and High CoD respectively)
DM: Hated
Rewards: Ascension Dev, useful items for other participants
I will be entertaining the lad as DM
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