ilioLore Items of Esshar
This is a thread to keep people up to date on some lore items used. credit to Ludster for the idea & motivation.

Hopefully these items (along with Ludster's list) can be added to the wikia by admins but if not, this page can just be used.
Ludster's list, a few ideas have been confirmed approved.

The list of approved lore items, fluff or otherwise:

Church Items:

Celestial Ashes (Ludster's addition)
Fairy tales tell of revered stars one day dwindling to a weakened state. Much like the circle of life, everything must come to an end at some point. When a star finds its end, whether it be natural or unnatural ways, it takes a millennia for its dust to eventually reach Eternia.
Popular among The Faith, these ashes are often regarded as living relics. Placed upon urns that are revered in their churches, it is often extremely rare to find these not in their caring hands. However, a notable few and undocumented accounts reveal magi that have used these ashes to empower their spellcasting foci in the ultimate connection between them and the cosmos.
((Has been used in Exorcisms ICly))

Other Items: 
Other vague and fluff items to be used in Exorcisms.

First Light Items:

The Vault: 
From Armory to Weaponry, scattered among the corpses of Fallen Heroes, there's a wealth of items, once used by the brave warriors of the First Light.

Moonfall Items:

These items can be raided for your faction, or yourself.  Or received on events, so keep that in mind.
If you get approved for using some cool fluff piece, or something useful, post it in here with a brief description so other players can immerse themselves.
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