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Character: Vanamir 

Attendees: Members of the Ardent Shield/Vanamir's own personal Crew.

Synopsis: Another day, another job for the Ardent Shield, and... Another pirate crew to take out. The Cuttlefish pirates were a hard fought battle, that much couldn't be denied, but this particular group of pirates were on par, if not more dangerous than them. Thus it's only fair that Vanamir, and her trusty crew take out that particular group as well. All of it was of course stepping stones towards amassing the horde of treasure that she so desperately yearned for. 

Tone: High-Seas, Pirate, Sailing, Adventurous.

Risks: CoI, or CoD depending on a few things.

Rewards: Pirate Stuff!

DM: Hoovy
I can't believe Riot needs to make certain this crackhead doesn't die.
Paradox will attend if wanted.
Age and rpl limit? Magnus is interested.

(02-14-2020, 12:20 PM)NoobHugger Wrote: Age and rpl limit? Magnus is interested. Oh lol I saw its her crew only my bad, still interested but dont think I cut it now  sorry for waste of a post D:
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