ADrunkParrotTime Marches On
Character: Maria Masters

Attendees: Friends of Maria; those within the Blackwatch

Synopsis: 5 years ago, someone very important to Maria was stolen from her. All she had remembered of the culprit who had done such were her burnt face and glowing, ethereal-blue eyes... That is, until she was sucked into an occultic vortex during a battle with a frost demon and had a 'vision', revealing some important characteristics about the woman Maria couldn't have possibly known herself!

Using these, she's able to track down the woman whose actions caused the young chronomancer much pain and sorrow: 'Granny Ironhide', a mad genius and artifacer that was shunned by her coven for her unconventional ways. She loudly decried the weakness of flesh, choosing to use medical, magi-technological, and runic expertise to not only replace much of her body with prosthetics, but create all sorts of devices that had the unfortunate tendency to blow both herself and her sisters up. Needless to say, she's become a powerful lone wolf that not only has the strength to confidently work alone, but she has a small army of golems guarding her cavern lair as well! Will Maria be able to enact revenge against the witch, or will Ironhide prove the supremacy of steel over flesh?

(If I fucked up with lore somehow, regarding magi-technological stuff/runes/golems, contact me at Delphish#6530 so things can be corrected. I'm not as well-versed in the established lore of the past 2 games and this one as some, and I thought that an unconventional, mad scientist witch would be an interesting idea. This is also the first event I made myself as well, please don't bully.)

Tone: Unsure what to put on here. Mechanical, vengeful, driven? Ironhide is meant to be a repeat event antag with an unstoppable determination to fulfill her dream, a world of machines.

Risks: CoI.

Rewards: Patient Blade dev, potions/reagents/ores, maybe some stuff that can be discussed with the DM.

DM: One is needed.
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