OwAEdgeFestFinding reasons.
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                                                                   Synopsis:Ludovica despite having a legal obligation thanks to two people smart enough to see through her deception attempts to go
explore the ruins south of Orsona near Moonfall. Her curiosity forcing her to find a way to help ease her new chaotic disposition has resulted in her taking up the hobby of exploring run down places in search of pieces of history. Physical or written. However within these's ruins Ludovica finds something a bit more disturbing.
                                                                 Participants: Caleus Lunaris/ Other companions Ludovica has.

                                                                       Tone:  Fear/Grit/Mystery/Nature vs Civilization
                                                                                              Risk Low C.O.D
                                                                                                 DM:Looking for one! (dm on discord if intrested! Punished "Venom" Dimitri#2715)
                                                                                Rewards. A piece of something to continue dev for a Unique weapon along with occult dev.
Caelus comes along to make sure this fool doesn't go out of bounds.
Robin will take the kids out on a fishing trip
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