oyedboatsIn Search of Spirit
[Image: ScSlRU8IvPV6EgzaSxsALl-7luDxF7FoLXXaoTcC...u6rx4jM6Om]

Character: Caelus Lunaris

Attendees: Those that know the Lunaris and are allies to him. At most two or three other people.

Synopsis: After claiming the hilt of a blade within a recent excursion the Lunaris finds himself all the more curious about its creation. It hums with excessive raw mana, and with a fair bit of research he was able to come upon a location of grand importance… A pity, however, that it lay smack dab in the middle of a forest a fair distance from Osrona.
Yet that’s never stopped the man before. There were tales of an obelisk within those crowded woods that hummed with mana as well-- A constant fog seeming to draw out from the base of it. While most merely shrugged this off as a result from the mana alone, others believed that it held properties to the realm after life.
With curiosity pushing him forth he soon sets off with a small group in tow.

Tone: Spiritual, Forgotten Ruins, Exploration.

Risks: CoI at medium level if not high? Unsure.

Rewards: Spirit Shards, baubles/trinkets for those that come with me.

DM: Looking for one.
Task will return from vacation in Tahiti for this.
good i get to kill task

running this, no fear
Need a new DM!
I can run this, yes yes.
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