Sword of LegendPost Capture Suicide
This isn't an easy topic to discuss... 

There are a lot of factors that can be taken into account for each side of the event. 


Getting captured isn’t fun, a majority of the time you get captured because the person isn’t inclined to kill you on the spot due to lack of development, a level difference or a fear of OOC repercussions. If you are captured, the most immediate thing you need to assume is that the person who captured you is on a side that is counter to yours, meaning they have *EVERY* reason to actually kill you. A majority of the time if they don’t kill a few things happen 
  1. 1. The initial capture rp will just be you and the enemy side just trading platitudinous quotes on how their ideology is counter to yours and how bad it is. 
  1. 2. You will be left alone for DAYS maybe even a weak at times and eventually killed 
  1. 3. Personally, the one that is the worst, you’ll be used for some sort of development logs for whatever plans they have decided to enact. 
  1. 4. They let you go after 2 weeks of you afking and them feeling bad 
  1. 5. Your team raids to get you out 
80% of these options are terrible, no one is going to go out of their way to rp with a prisoner and it isn’t rp that is fun or useful to anyone. “Ha-ha you lost”, “What do you know, tell us secrets”, “You and all your friends are going to die” “Ha-ha, Torturing is fun and interesting” 

It doesn’t always happen like this, but our community has struggled with jailing for its ENTIRE conception. After 5+ years I’m surprised a solution hasn’t been made for such a critical problem. It’s only gotten worse with each game! 

In e1 it was fast and loose, OOC sort of allowed things to work for everyone and while it did break immersion sometimes, it allowed for a compromise that made the game fun for most captured people. E2...well, people just died straight up lol, captures were rare but when they did happen the raid system allowed there to be a few interesting interactions since captures were fleeting. Now we have E3, and holy shit don’t EVER get captured in this game. I myself haven’t been capture but god damn, you might as well make a new character if you aren’t part of a powerful group to bust you out..... 

This brings us to the ultimate Outcome...Post Capture Suicides. 

You can’t really stop it, because a player can just rebirth or wipe whenever they want, and you can’t really punish them for not wanting to commit to something that really isn’t fun. A lot of people put in a position where a person is going to suicide for an action, they caused makes them feel bad. Of course, the two parties understood that there was a risk on both sides, but that doesn’t make anyone feel less bad. We have some people that don’t actually care about feelings and those people are toxic to the game but that is another topic for a different day. 

We need to figure out a way to make capturing not so bad, even if it leads to death, there needs to be a general consensus we need to take on to make things better for us. Nothing hard dictated, just an unwritten code that can help us prevent things like this. I know it isn’t our responsibility for other people’s character’s actions, but taking it into consideration does help the overall climate of the game. Playing each version of Eternia, I can EASILY say that E2 had the right balance and the environment was a lot better. 

We need to straight-up do better mang, no bullshit. 



as someone whos captured many and killed only a fraction of the total I must say I disagree. I drop my discord information and I go running to rp with them because they shouldn't just be left alone.

Just my personal take, ive been conscious and more than willing to accommodate capture rp all the time
That's good of you, hated! Most dont though, when you're capped you pretty much stop being a character and instead turn into a dev item. Sometimes if you're 'lucky' you get the privilege of a corruption arc, especially if you're capped by an ooc buddy. Redemption arcs are right out because very few people actually do that either the bad man dies or they're secretly still evil all along and biding their time.
(02-11-2020, 11:12 PM)Hated Wrote: as someone whos captured many and killed only a fraction of the total I must say I disagree. I drop my discord information and I go running to rp with them because they shouldn't just be left alone.

Just my personal take, ive been conscious and more than willing to accommodate capture rp all the time

As someone who was imprisoned for roughly two weeks with very minimal interactions that ended in being killed anyways I can honestly and truly say thank you for actually rping with your prisoners. Nothing is more demotivating then being left alone on an rp game with nothing to do unsure if something will come from it or not or if you were just going to die anyways.
One thing I should note, is when you get captured by one person and then thrown into the faction's "jail" area. Someone can come in to roleplay and interact with your character, possibly giving your character enough roleplay- Only to have it all go away when someone else comes and decides "Let's just kill him!"...

That type of action just throws away any attempts made by other players to give the captured player roleplay, for the sake of killing/log dev (Bad reasoning in my opinion)/"I don't like him."

Some rullings have to be done against it, just so that not every random person that has access to the jail area would decide to just kill off people.
It wasn't always like this, in some circumstances there were rules that allowed players to attempt breakouts but most of the time they had the opposing party use guard summons on top of their own skills.
Prison RP sucks because it doesnt exist. Nowadays I see less people being tossed into a cell and left rotting. Most of the time the Order just have them executed or perform labour/fine to be let out. Demons and antags mostly go for corruption/slave arcs which is also great.

If you're going to jail someone rp with them. If not just fucking end their misery or turn them into a slave. Thank u
Hey! I rp with my prisoners! Even hand them my discord just incase they're online and I don't know it!
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Log out second I am captured and RB.
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