Mr.SomebodyIn Exchange for Blood
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Character/Key: Tyflo(Demon), Mr.Nobody#2871
Attendees:  Tyflo, and maybe one other
Synopsis: Tyflo, the Blind One, once found his way to a swamp or bog deep in the occult forest to the west of Theria. Made of pure darkness and occult. In the process he heard something calling out to him inside the pool of darkness. Tempting him to drink from the pool to heal his wounds, but at the same time something coursed through him. That same thing calls him back to the swamp once again. Offering him a greater chance at ascension and power in return for offering up the one thing he cares for most which is its thirst for food or blood. To cast away from its primal urges and focus on the rise of the darkness. So in return for losing the ability to control blood and thirsting for it he gains the opportunity to control and use shadows instead, but in order to do so, its kind of like a classic Final Fantasy 4 cecil vs himself to become paladin situation. Hoping to make into a 2-3 part CoE this is part 1.
Tone: Fantasy, Dark and Gritty, A bit of Horror and Humor
Risk: Any CoI(I ain't scurred)
Specific Requests: Refund Magic Tree(Blood) and Specialization(Water). Dev Shadow.
DM: none. Looking Anyone interested hmu looking to run as soon as possible!
running this
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