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The Game of Blades
Quote:"What made them think to check the drainage grates on that street...?" - A bewildered would-be assassins last thoughts before being slain in his attempt on an Astor noble.
Every so often, a game of sorts takes place between the Knight squads of the First Light. And with the growing threat of the Syndicate and their assassination attempts, these games have all the more relevance. A game almost as old as the country itself, it pits two squads against each other with the life of a VIP charge as the prize. Typically a Noble volunteers to take the role and does nothing more than go about their daily business, while a squad of Knights work to defend them from any would-be threat.

While the other plots to circumvent their comrades efforts and assassinate them. The rules of the game are fairly straightforward. If the entirety of the defending 'team' is incapacitated, the principal is considered deceased. If an assassin reaches the principal and no guard is within ten feet or so, the principal is considered deceased. If the principal is separated from their guards by any means, they are considered deceased.

There are other rules and qualifications for success and failure. The assassins have a certain time-frame to act within, not being allowed to seek outside help, and other such rules. Naturally, while the game mimics an assassins plot, lethal force is strictly prohibited, as well as attempts that would be harmful to the city or civilians. While this doesn't quite match what a true assassin would be attempting, the training and insight it provides is still invaluable. This tradition has allowed many seemingly invisible holes in the security of a high value person be found, and gives the Knights invaluable experience in dealing with the situations if they dreadfully arise.
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