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"There is nothing more infuriating than someone who thinks their every word is not being recorded and scrutinized." 
- Albert Salis, 1020AC.

The Salis noble family is distantly related to the house of Grimmore by blood, due to a marriage between their two houses in the year 966AC. The Salis family ever after became a Vassal house tied to their more noble cousins, serving them well throughout the ages as well as cementing ties every few years by marrying among themselves again. The Salis, even before their ties to Grimmore became cemented in blood, were close and frequently offered their services. Namely, espionage and of course assisting them in battle tactics when necessary.

The Salis family were skilled in using their brains over their body, and were known as being well versed in the surrounding countries, their customs, and their people - offering an invaluable aid to the very house who needed to keep tabs on those countries. But not only that, they also studied how enemy armies marched, moved, and behaved. During the recent conquest of Rhoynur, it was House Salis who gave the much needed knowledge of not only Rhoynish customs and their army, but also where the King was located within the capital city - allowing Ardes Grimmore the chance to capture the King.

Most families who would have offered this aid would be expected repayment, fame, or fortune and glory. But not the house of Salis - no. The most they wish for is to see Esshar continue to shine a glorious light across the world, and to provide value to their cousins and the singular Noble House they follow - the Grimmore.
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