CroElementa, the Magician's Game
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"Two teams. Two elements. One victor."

Elementa, or the Magician's Game, is a gladitorial event to the Kingdom of Esshar. Elementa initially began as a training exercise within Osrona Imperial Mage's Academy and University between the years of 1411 and 1522, the only point in time where a council of instructors decided the direction of the Academy. It was introduced into the arena when Academy dropouts sought to make a name for themselves by applying the structure of education to the chaos of a bloodbath. Since its conception, Elementa has remained one of the most popular forms of entertainment within the Imperial City.

Elementa is a team-oriented event, with up to three members per team. Each team is bound to a specific element: FireWindWater, or Earth. Teams must sport the colors of their respective element in some fashion during each game, though these accessories do not need to be matching or identical. Elementa is made-up of 3 rounds, wherein the victor is decided upon winning two consecutive rounds. Elementa is always conducted within a set court space: be it within an arena, an open field with natural borders, etc. 

Elementa adheres to the following rules:
  • Teams must adhere to their specific element. The use of: unarmed, melee, metaphysical magic, light magic, and shadow magic is strictly prohibited.
  • Elementa is based on pure magical prowess, and as such the use of performance enhancing equipment (weapons, magic focuses, armor, etc.), runes, and potions is strictly prohibited.
  • Specializations (Lightning, Crystal, Magma, Ice, etc.) are permitted as long as as they adhere to the specific element a team is representing.
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